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Amazing iPhone Home Screen Design Apps to Personalize Your Device


You may customize your iPhone Home Screen with widgets and custom app icons after your iPhone has been upgraded to iOS 14 or later on your computer. The modern period is characterized by invention, modernism, and technological know-how. Teenagers have developed a strong desire to work with the most up-to-date and technologically sophisticated equipment available. When it comes to modern and highly developed technical equipment, iPhone is a well-known brand name to everyone.

What is your own style? What do you prefer: pastel tones, minimalism, or cartoon-style hand-drawings?

Several programs are available to assist you in creating a home screen that is both visually beautiful and useful in the way you want it. Widgetsmith and Aesthetic Kit are just a few of the apps that will help you get the most out of your phone. Hire iPhone application developers for customising it to meet your specific requirements. Consider some of the most popular applications for customizing your Home Screen and discovering your ideal design. We’ll look at the variety of themes they have to offer, as well as some of the extra features you may anticipate from the applications in the future.

1. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith is a popular program for making customised Home Screen icons, as seen by its over 400,000 App Store ratings. You don’t need to be a computer expert to start expressing yourself artistically with Widgetsmith because of its incredibly user-friendly interface.

The software provides you with a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you customize your Home Screen. The vast range of widgets and fully configurable templates ensures that your chosen Home Screen design will be achieved with little effort. You may also make your own gradient wallpaper using this method.

The widgets may also be scheduled to appear on your Home Screen depending on rules that you put up in your preferences.

2. Brass

Brass is the finest software for customizing your iPhone home screen with beautiful themes, icons, and widgets! Download Brass now! It contributes to the visual appeal of your app icons, backdrops, and widgets! Because of the positive feedback from over 3 million users and 10,000+ 5-star ratings, our stylish app icon kits and widgets are a hit with the design community.

3. ScreenKit

ScreenKit is your go-to home screen customization tool, with more than 5000 icons, 500 themes, 500 widgets, and a variety of aesthetically pleasing wallpapers for both the iPhone and the iPad.

iPhone home screen customization has never been easier than with the ScreenKit app, which offers a plethora of attractive themes, icons, and widgets. It contributes to understand how iPhone apps have the visual appeal of your app icons, backdrops, and widgets! Because of the positive feedback from over 3 million users and 10,000+ 5-star ratings, our stylish app icon kits and widgets are a hit with the design community.

4. Photo Widget

A blend of simplicity and attractiveness, Photo Widget is the ideal widget for any website. Are you fed up with seeing the same color schemes over and over? Make sure to look over these whimsical cartoons and bring a sense of wonder and childlike imagination back into your regular life.

While browsing through the collection of themes available on Photo Widget, you’ll notice the eyes of charming animal creatures staring back at you from the pages of the website. They’re sure to put a smile on your face every time you open your iPhone, and they’ll put a positive spin on your day every time you view your Home Screen.

5. Themify 

WordPress themes, no matter how handy they are, may get monotonous after a while. For example, if almost every website uses the same old designs made available by WordPress, they are unlikely to create any type of lasting visual impression on their visitors. WordPress Page builders, like Themify, can, on the other hand, assist users in creating web pages that are much more intriguing.

Themify is a page builder that allows users to add individuality and flair to their websites without the need for any specialized technical knowledge. This simple-to-use website builder allows you to develop your creative muscles while creating your website in a visually stimulating atmosphere.

6. Icon Themer

Icon Themer’s selection of themes is mostly celebratory in nature, with hand-drawn illustrations in a distinctive style and solid color hues. The majority of them have a lovely, peaceful feeling.

Compared to popular programs such as Brass or ScreenKit, Icon Themer offers fewer theme possibilities. Icon Themer is a fantastic alternative to consider for individuals who dislike wading through a plethora of eye-catching color schemes in pursuit of a single basic, clean-looking design.


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