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7 Ways to Find New Sales Opportunities for Your Business


Do you want to improve the sales of your brand products? Your answer is surely yes. So, in this guide, you will learn about essential tips to find new sales opportunities.

You all know that sale is the pivotal part, without it no business is able to run efficiently. That is why brand owners are creating amazing marketing strategies to build a reputable brand.

Before dive into the simple tips for identifying new sales opportunities, you need to understand what exactly the sales opportunity is. In simple words, a sales opportunity is the qualified lead who are ready to become your potential customer. This means your prospects are willing to buy your products.

Stages You Should Follow for Sales Opportunity

Here you will also read the stages you need to follow before identifying sales opportunities:


Research is the first stage for sales opportunity and one of the most intensive parts. In this phase, you need to learn more about your leads, so you do not disqualify anyone and absorb the information efficiently.

Lead qualification

In the second stage; you need to qualify your leads. So, you should review about the company’s sale criteria. You need to use this information to attract leads. Suppose a lead doesn’t fit under your firm strategies set them aside. Those who are perfect for your sales criteria, they become your SQLs. These are the people who need your attention.


In this stage, you need to figure out how you win this sales opportunity. Once you understand the pain points about your leads, you can easily craft strong strategies to convert them in potential customers.

Execute your plan

When you make your strategies, then it is essential to execute the plan. No matter what strategies you create, you need to execute your plan step-by-step.

Review your sales process

Sometimes it happens a well-structured sales strategy doesn’t succeed. So, it is important to review your strategies. This can help to improvise your sales criteria and build a powerful one.

Best Ways to Identify the Sales Opportunities

The very first and foremost thing to identify new sales opportunity is to monitor new trends. In this regard, you have information about your customers. You need to gather some useful information and monitor it on regular basis.

Finding customer data is not too difficult these days, you can use social media to learn where your customers are interested in. You can do web tracking and check out their history to efficiently determine their preferences. You also need to check customers feedback related to your product; this will also help in understanding how the sales trend is changing.

Find out what your targeted customers love

Gathering information about your customers takes lots of time, but it eventually allows you to develop the ideal customer persona. When you start this process, you may set the benchmarks and assumptions to create the perfect profile.

Once you have complete knowledge about the buyer’s persona, so you have a chance to resolve their problems and creates outstanding strategies. You can even upgrade your existing strategies and gives them amazing solutions.

Determine your customer behaviors

Social media is one of the perfect platforms in order to determine your customers behavioral towards your brand products. When you scroll down on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, you comprehend what your customer are prioritizing these days.

You can even ask questions with your leads related to their point of view about your brand products. You also start surveys to get more information, it will help you in developing amazing strategies that surely convert your leads into regular customers.

Use customer referrals

You know that sales opportunity is never come from anywhere, you need to identify it or create it. For this, you can perform customer referral programs. For this, you need to tap into the existing customer base instead of paying lots of attention on sales-qualified leads.

You can do segmenting that will help you to choose more loyal customers. You can reach these customers through social media, email, or phone. You can freely ask questions what they want from your brand. You can even suggest them to recommend your brand to those who are interested in your brand products.

Attend expos and events

To find wondering sales opportunities, you can attend the events, convention, expos, and similar like them. When you attend these events, you get an idea about to develop amazing strategies to increase your customer base.

You can even organize such events to garner the attention of your targeted audience. You need to be friendly with your audience at this time and ask what they think about your brand services and its products. You can give some hand out business cards at the end of the convention as a good note.

Examine current events and their purchase history

Once you work with the sales-ready persona and comprehend their point of view related to your product, you need to check their purchase history. The purchase history will give some essential information about your existing customers. This will also help you in improving your criteria and increase the capacity to increase purchase. Remember, the budget is also used as the best sale opportunity.

You can also review the current events such as their respond towards your products, their life style, and past purchase. This will give you feasibility to create the powerful sale strategy that surely helps to attract leads and changes them into potential customers.

Score your interactions with customers

If you are tempting about your sales opportunities and overwhelming, is it perfect of not, then you need to score them. This scoring will help you how many prospects are interested in your brand products. You also have opportunity to identify the active customers. You can even create more engaging point to capture the attention of leads toward your brand.

Author Bio:

Danny Harris is the marketing head at eWorldTrade. He is a digital marketing expert with over 5 years of experience in SEO, PPC, Content Optimization and social media. He believes in building a strong foundation for any marketing plan to ensure that everything else will fall in place with the right ROI.


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