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Ecommerce UX Design Elements for a Classic Experience


Design Elements of an eCommerce UX

eCommerce is how we do business these days. Doing business online offers a unique opportunity for each and every stakeholder of the field. One critical outcome of the prosperity is the huge number of customers requiring well-developed eCommerce UX experience. A website that could effectively generate sales should first have a great user experience. 

An internet business owner who owns a website should invest in eCommerce web development services that specialize in creating a great UX design. Keep in mind that with more and more people using their mobile devices to do business on the web, having a great UX design is one of the major driving factors that boost your business. Thus, even if you’re offering unique products that conform to the top practices in the industry, without the best UX practices, all your efforts would go to waste. 

Design Elements of an eCommerce UX 

The User Experience, or the UX in eCommerce encompasses each and every part of the experience of a customer throughout the journey, right from a user landing on the page of the brand, to when they make a purchase, down to the post-purchase experience. Furthermore, the User Experience design could make or break the business website. 

Although there is no such thing as a one-fits-all method to design the perfect eCommerce UX for a classic customer experience, there are several areas you could focus on that tend to deliver the results you need, and even the best results you have in mind. 

1. Optimizing UX Design Functionality

Overwhelming your visitors with information is a great way to ensure that they would never return to your site. Another is a page that takes ages to load. A study stated that 47 percent of users expect an average website to load no more than a couple of seconds.  

In eCommerce website development, the death knell for eCommerce sites is slow loading. Several issues could bog down your site and the landing page, but a couple of the biggest offenders are images and scripts. Users would stop using the website if an image takes too long to load. 

2. Seamless Homepage/Landing Page Navigation

Several UX design principles in eCommerce that are now considered as the best User Experience best practices. The more choices that a user has, then the longer it takes for them to complete an action. 

Today, there are some eCommerce UX design principles that are considered as the best practices. The more options there are for a user, the more time it would take for them to complete an action. With a focus on this law, it’s a great idea to ensure that the landing page and the homepage offers minimum choices. 

Refrain from bogging down users with too much information. A smorgasboard of links, forms, and pop-ups may seem as if you are providing your site visitors with more choices. In truth however is that you’re simply slowing them down. 

3. User Interface Personalization

A critical aspect of creating a memorable user experience is helping users find what they’re looking for. The great thing is that you could use this also to boost the site’s overall UX. Personalization has become a cornerstone of the best practices of the eCommerce brand. 

It helps in establishing meaningful relationships with the customers, as well as gain insights to what visitors want. This is especially advantageous in a world in which customers have an almost-endless list of options to choose from. Personalization is the key to gain customer loyalty. 

4. Better Engagement through Fields Customization

Personalization may be a terrific tool to invoke loyalty, the most current trend however that’s taking the electronic commerce world by storm is customization. It enables users to make their own choices on what exactly they want to see, or set preferences on how you’ve displayed and organized the website’s information. 

The right web search functionality is vital to provide the best user experience to customers. There is more possibility that people engaging with the search box will become leads due to clear intent. 

If they are unable to find the search box, or it does not function as it should, your prospective customers will not be able to find the information they are looking for and would leave your website with a bad experience.

6. High-Quality Images

The best way to help your customers understand what you are selling exactly is to ensure that you have high quality pictures of your products. Try to include various high-definition pictures from different angles to highlight the important details of each product. 

7. Streamlining the Checkout Process

One of the best practices in eCommerce comprises a streamlined checkout process. The more steps standing between the customer confirming their purchase, the higher the rate of cart abandonment would be. Making the checkout simple helps move things faster, as well as provides people less time in second-guessing their buys. 

Nevertheless, a few steps do not mean shoving all information on one screen. The first action would be removing all distractions from the checkout page. In terms of this sales funnel section, you don’t want to distract customers with discounts or coupons. If at all possible, it’s a great idea to let customers log in with an existing FB account to streamline the process further. 

8. Enable List Creation

Some of the largest retailers on the web have become successful through letting their customers make lists. Not everyone after all would be entirely confident in their buys right from the start. By providing prospective customers the chance to save an item to a list and later review it, you actually boost the chances of conversion. 

Buyers could build their own labels for sorting products in different ways, depending on their preferences, or by the item they want the most. The lists moreover could help narrow down the products that the buyers would have to check out when they’re ready to make the final purchase eventually. 


Mobile and online shopping has become a common part of people’s lives these days. The practice made eCommerce a viable way to do local and worldwide commerce. A great opportunity awaits young startups, but if you are one, keep in mind that you would be going up against some of your well-established competitors. 

Today, people are ready to abandon a site even with just a hint of a picture that loads slowly or a broken link. The key is to implement the best UX design elements possible. eCommerce web development services providers like eTatvasoft.com could help you build the best design elements to ensure that you stay on the competitive edge. 


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