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How To Create Customer Loyalty Through Online Order Packaging


Packaging can often be overlooked because it’s disposable. However, the design and packaging can be a strong opportunity to build a personal connection with your customers.

Unfortunately, many businesses with an online presence overlook the opportunity to create loyalty through packaging. Many consumers create their impression within the first few moments of encountering it. With that in mind, here are few ways that you can transform your online order packaging from just a disposable piece of cardboard.

Customize Your Packaging

Creating customized boxes may be expensive, but are well worth it. Packaging can leave a consumer with a strong brand impression. Think about what you can communicate to potential buyers about the care and thought throughout packing. When shoppers see a well-thought-out design while shopping or on their doorsteps, they are more likely to build a positive impression. In fact, 52% of online shoppers that receive custom packaging are more likely to return for future orders. Customization such as specialized inserts, printed logos, and coordinated colors can make a big difference.

Create Incentives

Providing your customers a few promotions is another way to create loyalty and repeat business. One way to do this is to provide a sample product to boost value. Offering this can increase chances for cross-selling and buying from your business again. You can also offer a coupon or discount code to create more incentives to order again. It takes virtually no time at all and can be a motivation tool for anyone that is looking to order another product. Writing a handwritten thank you note can also build a personal connection to your customer. While this may seem simple, expressing a simple “thank you for ordering” can improve satisfaction for your customers.

Packaging is more than just security for your item. It can boost your loyalty and improve your chances for another sale. Check out the accompanying infographic below to learn more about how to create customer loyalty through outstanding order packaging.

Infographic created by Chicago Tag & Label, a manufacturing labels company


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