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6 Best Video Streaming Services of 2020


Online streaming services have indeed replaced traditional TV in the modern world. Further, one of the most annoying aspects of conventional TV (commercials!) has been demolished by the various streaming services.

In 2020, however, the demand for streaming services has skyrocketed because almost all of us are present in our homes due to lockdowns owing to the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Here are the six best video streaming services that would guide you into getting yourself one (let’s face it, you need one if you have not already!):


You would have probably guessed which one was going to ace it to the first position. Netflix has been the most preferred streaming service for quite a while now. You can stream not only movies but also tv shows.

The costs of subscribing to Netflix are pretty decent, which you can check out from the Netflix website of your respective country. There is a handful of subscription options, but all of them would let you have full access to the available content.

You can run Netflix in any smart device, and the presence of synchronization makes the experience even more convenient. There are provisions for setting up dedicated profiles for the users, including a special one for kids, which is a massive relief for parents who can relax and let Netflix provide an excellent and appropriate experience for their kids. There are provisions for having multiple numbers of screens that can be accessed depending on the subscription plan.

Netflix also has a lot of its content, which has made a lot of impact on the digital market. Interestingly a lot of people have chosen to commit to Netflix because of hoe brilliant its original movies and tv shows are. Further, as the icing on the cake, Netflix allows you to download most of the available content in registered phones and tablets. Technically, to download music files, the best option is Spotify to MP3 converter to have easy offline access to music.

The only setback someone might complain of is the absence of reliable broadband paraphernalia, which presently has been even more aggravated due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly the most fierce rival of Netflix, and they go head to head always in trying to claim the first position. Boasting of a massive gamut of movies and tv shows, it misses out on the first position probably only because Netflix has the leading edge when it comes to tv shows and movies. It also has a lot of its original content, which has made a lot of money and is eminent.

In terms of accessibility, it can be accessed in any smart device. Following its most significant rival’s footsteps, Amazon Prime Video recently made provisions available for different user profiles. Also, the number of multiple screens that can be accessed depends on your subscription package. Amazon Prime Video has different subscription rates in different parts of the world because of which it is relatively cheaper in some countries.

In terms of appearance, it has got almost a similar one as most of its rivals do, but the one of Netflix’s appears to be more aesthetically pleasing. It has provisions for letting users download a lot of content, including all its original content, for offline use (although in phones and tablets only).

It can be reasonably concluded that Prime is still growing in terms of the amount of content available and several accessibility features available, especially when compared to its biggest rival, Netflix.

However, it is a perfect substitute for Netflix.


It is one of the biggest names when it comes to tv shows- both live and recorded. The advantages and pitfalls are both interestingly insane when it comes to Hulu. The biggest and best part about subscribing to Hulu is its base price, which is almost half of that of Netflix. Further, it has a lot of content to offer because of which an economic user would be tempted to go for it.

But this is where the shortcomings come into the picture. Not only does streaming in Hulu comes with a lot of advertisements in between shows, but also it is inaccessible in a lot of countries. To get the ad-free, version you would have to subscribe to a more expensive package, which then totally removes the advantage of having an economical option. Further, only one screen is available on all packages.

While Hulu has one of the most trending and accessible contents in the world, it has a long way to go, especially in terms of accessibility features.

YouTube TV

Most recently invented, YouTube TV is a prolific and promising digital platform for streaming content. It is vastly reliable because, as the name suggests, it is one of the world’s biggest names’ streaming service. It has its original series- YouTube Red- and live TV to try to have a leading-edge over a lot of its rivals.

 However, the subscription packages available here are not all cheap. Further, like Hulu, it can support one screen only at the most, which is a massive setback.

Apple TV PLus

This is one of the most promising streaming services operating in the market at the moment. There is a handful of content available here, but the main benefit lies in the fact that in total, seven screens are available, which is astonishingly large. Further, the base price for subscription is meager.

The main drawback, however, is that you would not be able to use Apple TV Plus in Android or gaming consoles. Maybe shortly, it will be a huge name when it comes to streaming service providers.

Sling TV

The main reason why this streaming service is at the last position in this list is that the price at which it comes (although cheaper than some service providers) does not match up with the quality of service. It mostly has several cable channels. Also, you can add an extra amount of channels with some additional costs. The number of simultaneous streams is three.

However, there are some issues faced when it comes to performance. If the quality and amount of content are enhanced and expanded, only then can it compete with the biggest names in the industry?


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