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How to Run a Successful Delivery Company During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we live, the way we do business, and the way our economy functions as a whole. But...

4 Ways to Keep Flattening the Curve as Your Business Re-Opens

Even though restrictions on businesses are being loosened, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up the fight against COVID-19 entirely. In fact,...

Greater Surveillance Measures to Track COVID-19

Greater Surveillance Measures to Track COVID-19 "It has been months since countries started fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. This is the first global health crisis that...

6 Best Video Streaming Services of 2020

Online streaming services have indeed replaced traditional TV in the modern world. Further, one of the most annoying aspects of conventional TV (commercials!) has...

How the Banking Industry is Changing Globally

The banking industry is doing much better now than it was after the recession in 2008. The financial crisis more than a decade ago...

Coronavirus latest update, CoronaVirus No. of Cases, Covid-19 cases by country, COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC

Coronavirus latest update, CoronaVirus No. of Cases, Covid-19 cases by country, COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC Top 20 Countries affected by Coronavirus Country, Total Total Total Active Serious, 1st Other Cases Deaths Recovered Cases Critical case World 721,273 33,942 151,004 536,327 26,789 10-Jan USA141,7812,4714,435134,8752,97020-JanItaly97,68910,77913,03073,8803,90629-JanChina81,4393,30075,4482,69174210-JanSpain80,1106,80314,70958,5984,16530-JanGermany62,0955339,21152,3511,97926-JanFrance40,1742,6067,20230,3664,63223-JanIran38,3092,64012,39123,2783,20618-FebUK19,5221,22813518,15916330-JanSwitzerland14,8293001,59512,93430124-FebNetherlands10,8667712509,84597226-FebBelgium10,8364311,3599,0468673-FebS. Korea9,5831525,0334,3985919-JanTurkey9,2171311058,9815689-MarAustria8,788864798,22318724-FebCanada6,280655735,64212024-JanPortugal5,962119435,800891-MarNorway4,2842574,2529125-FebBrazil4,25613664,11429624-FebIsrael4,247151324,1007420-FebAustralia4,163172263,9202824-JanSweden3,700110163,57425530-JanCzechia2,81716112,7904529-FebIreland2,6154652,5645928-FebMalaysia2,470353882,0477324-JanDenmark2,3957212,32211326-Feb

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