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5 Tips To Improve Your SEO Campaign With Online Coupons


Improve Your SEO Campaign With Online Coupons

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In today’s fast paced and media frenzy age, every one is looking for a way to improve their SEO campaign and their digital marketing strategy. One way of enhancing your SEO campaign is through the use of online campaigns. Shoppers are always looking for great deals be it online and offline, and providing them with coupons will provide a way for them to be financially savvy.

1. Attract new customers

Promo codes can be used in a great way to entice new customers. These promo codes are appealing as they offer great deals namely slashed up price that will make possible consumers to avail of your products or services. Shoppers obviously like to save money and appreciate the idea of buying for less than the original price. If you would want to get new customers, then the way is to publish these coupons on large and popular deals sites and use it as ads.

2. Offer freebies

Apart from new customers, most companies will often want to reward loyal and existing customers. One way is through the use of coupon codes. You can reward your loyal customers with freebies by giving them birthday freebies or birthday discounts. You can also reward customers who have made a considerable amount of purchase. Most companies send these via email lists. This will encourage your customers to make repeat purchases as well as tell people about the great loyalty program which your company has.

3. Promote awareness

By offering great deals, you can urge your customers to share your deals on social media websites, blogs, or even by word of mouth. The first two will drive traffic to your site. Another way to drive traffic is by creating ads with these coupon codes. You will encourage potential buyers to visit your website when they click on a 10 percent discount promo code. Even though, some may just visit your site, this will also help your SEO ranking.

4. Unload stagnant inventory

Most of the time businesses have sales because they want to take down inventory that is either about to expire or not selling well. If you have any of these, a great way to sell these will be through coupon codes. You might want to try giving a fifty percent off or a buy one take, not only to entice but also to unload inventory that will take up space or might be expiring soon. Not only will you be unburdening yourself, but you will also be earning from this. Plus, for the consumers will be thinking that they got a great deal.

5. Some tips to create high-converting coupons

The important thing when utilizing online coupons is for you to be generous. There are many great deals that can be found online, so what will make customers (new or old) go for your promo codes? Think about how much you willing to pay, and use this as your baseline. Sometimes, 20% may not be enough  and 50 to 70% off is definitely more appealing don’t you think.

Apart from being generous, another thing that you and your marketing team needs to focus on is a great copy. Just like any ad material it needs to be engaging. It needs to have a call to action. However since this is a coupon, it needs to be brief. So creating a great copy may mean that you need to get to the point quickly. Finally, when you do have a great copy, you will then need a distribution strategy. Where will your customers see these coupons? It might be in their emails, social media sites, and other online ads.

Author’s Bio:

Mike Khorev - SEO expert and digital marketing consultant

Mike Khorev is an SEO expert and digital marketing consultant who helps small and mid-size businesses generate more leads, sales and grow revenue online. He offers expert advice on marketing your company the right way through performance-based SEO digital marketing, web design, social media, search engine marketing and many other online practices.


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