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5 Big Dark Secrets of CRM


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the most crucial aspect for every business. Because every business owner needs to have a positive relationship with their clients. The best CRM software in India is a robust tool for businesses to simplify their work process and enrich customer relationships.

Many business owners have already implemented CRM tools to streamline their work processes. Moreover, there are many young and new entrepreneurs that are planning to implement CRM tools in their business processes. But before you implement the CRM software, read this blog to understand the 5 biggest darkest secrets of the CRM tools.

What are the 5 biggest darkest of the CRM software?

We have a team of software experts that have listed the secrets of CRM software.

1. Most of the CRM software implementations fail:

One of the darkest secrets of CRM is that most CRM implementations fail. The implementation of the CRM software fails because of multiple reasons. Following are a few reasons that the CRM implementation is a failure for your organization:

  1. You do not select the right CRM tools for your business.
  2. You do not select the right features for the software.
  3. You do not train your staff on how to use the tools.
  4. You do not calculate the risk or impact of the implementation.
  5. Your team does not accept the change and still struggling to understand the UI.

Furthermore, other aspects can be the reason for the failure of implementing the CRM. The truth is the implementation of this technology is a time-consuming, tedious, and expensive process. Hence, failure of CRM implementation will cost you a huge amount and it will be waste of time and energy.

Business leaders need to ensure that they select the right CRM tools for their business to avoid failures. Technology Counter is a software recommendation platform that helps businesses to select the right CRM tools. You can take a free consultation from there to select the right tool to avoid implementation failure.

2. CRM software is mostly similar:

Another dark secret that CRM software has is that all the software solutions are the same. Well, the purpose of CRM software is the same to enrich the customer relationship. The user interface and the features of the CRM system might differ from vendor to vendor. But the truth is that most of the CRM solutions are similar to each other. Because the CRM software will help the business leaders to keep a track of the customer data right from being a lead to a customer. The CRM solution will help you to gather the leads, nurture them, spot the right prospects and convert them into loyal customers. Additionally, your teams will use this technology to track their progress on the customer’s account. Moreover, all the top CRM systems will have similar features that you can choose from to manage your customers. You just need to understand the reviews of the vendor before selecting the right CRM tool for your business.

3. You use very less features:

The best CRM software in India will have all the features that your business requires to enhance its customer relationship. But the reality is your teams do not use all the systems to make the most of the technology. One of the biggest reasons is that your team is not trained very well on how to use the software. This will result in a lower impact on your work process and end up doing the same old stuff that your business used to do. Hence it is crucial to train your team before the implementation of the CRM software to understand how to use all the features of the CRM tools. When your teams can use all the features of the CRM software, all your efforts, money and energy will go to waste. Additionally, the best CRM software in India will allow business owners to select the features they require to accomplish their business goals.

4. Doesn’t make the use of analytics:

The top CRM software solution in India will have data analytics integrated into the system to get valuable insights from your data. The business data has insightful information about your business and its processes. Another dark secret of implementing CRM software is that most entrepreneurs do not make use of analytics. Which results in poor decisions that are not data-driven. As a result, your business might not do the progress that you dream of because your decisions will not be supported by data.

5. CRM software is the most essential tool for all businesses today:

CRM software is indeed the most essential tool for all businesses today irrespective of its size or type. because the customer demands and the market trends keep evolving with time which every business has to adapt accordingly. The best cloud-based CRM Software in India will help businesses to adapt to the market trends and consumer demands with ease.  Moreover, the businesses that have implemented this software have seen a tremendous impact on their work process. Because CRM tools will reduce the workload on your teams as most of the tasks will be automated with this technology. The best CRM software in India will have all tools that your teams require to streamline and automate their work process.


The top CRM software solution in India will be a beneficial tool for all businesses to keep their customer data. Moreover, the CRM tools will help to enrich the customer experience and help your business to create a loyal customer base. Technology Counter as a software recommendation platform will help to select the right CRM tools for your business.

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Hey, I am Akshay Salunke. I am a  Digital Marketing Specialist at Technology Counter. When I’m not working, I like to go off roads, do adventure sports, and try new cuisines. I find technology very intriguing and would love to share ideas to make this globe a better place to live.



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