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Manufacturing CRM for your Business


Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) solution, is being used by both small businesses and industry leaders more and more each day. Its popularity can be attributed, in part, to its ability to improve automation and forecasting and create more efficient administrative processes. Unlike other out-of-the box solutions, Microsoft Dynamics is also highly customizable, and can be deployed to benefit your specific needs. But the primary draw is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions increase profitability.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions extend to the manufacturing industry as well. MCA Connect, a manufacturing CRM is customized to meet the needs of manufacturer businesses by improving sales, channel management, and field service operations, to name a few areas in particular. Here are three great ways business owners and operators can use a manufacturing CRM to improve various aspects of their business:

1. Improve marketing, service, and sales efforts

In today’s world, businesses get prospects and customers through email, phone, social media, websites, and more. These methods can be highly effective, but responses can be overwhelming. A manufacturing CRM solution eases lead identification and routing and makes responding to customers more organized and efficient. In sales, a manufacturing CRM solution enables you to customize your sales process, making your team’s job more effective and the customer’s experience better. View this infographic for ideas on more ways a manufacturing CRM can benefit your marketing, service, and sales.

2. Better customer service and partner relationships

A manufacturing CRM solution consolidates all of a customer’s information in one place saving time and creating a more complete customer picture. It can also streamline the warranty claim process from work order to completion, simplifying your team’s job and leading to more satisfied customers. MCA Connect, a manufacturing CRM is one solution that can do all this while also making your dealer and distributor relationships more efficient. This is possible because these technological-empowered approaches allow vendors to access self-service portals that provide real-time product availability and pricing.

3. Better forecasting and automation:

MCA Connect, a manufacturing CRM enables you to build more accurate revenue and materials forecasts, even across multiple periods. This creates the opportunities to make better product demand decisions based on viewing them by using sales pipeline data. A manufacturing CRM solution also helps you automate your quote process and order management, which can increase consistency and save time.

Implementing and using a manufacturing CRM solution saves you time, money, and energy through automation, centralization, and forecasting. The specific ways that happens are up to you, and working with an expert in both the manufacturing and implementing and customizing CRM solutions can greatly improve the experience and results. MCA Connect, a manufacturing CRM, has earned the honor of being Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Partner of the Year and is renowned for their combination of manufacturing industry expertise and technical CRM solution development and support. If you have a manufacturing or distribution business, learn more about how MCA Connect, a manufacturing CRM can help you today.


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