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10 Myths of E-mail Marketing Will Benefit to IT Industry


You may have heard a lot about Email marketing, but do you know what it is? It is a distinctive way to utilize the email for business endorsement and promotion. Nowadays, most of the enterprises and companies use email to teach a strong relationship with the existing customers and keep them updated with the latest products and services.

Due to the high ROI (Return of Investment), major companies have recognized email marketing services as the best way to promote their business. It is also helpful as cost-effective and in keeping our environment green due to its paperless or digitization policy! Before we explore its excellent benefits, which create a significant impact on the business, we will look at stats which will provide us some idea about its enormous capability.

Every year billions of emails are being sent, and the numbers are rotating. It is expected that in 2022, the number of sending emails will touch 126.7 trillion. Can you imagine that? Furthermore, as per the report of Radicati’s Email Statistics Report, the number of email users across the globe will be about 3 billion in 2020.

It means almost every people will enjoy the benefits of email marketing along with high ROI. Admittedly, it will create an impact on the ROI chart as well and will provide return up to 4400% to these users. So far, according to the Statistics Report, 205 billion emails are being sent every year. As people in business are getting inclined to this form of marketing, it is hoped that it will cross 246 billion at the end of 2019. It will consist of 80% of people in business who will enjoy the benefits of email.

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Here, we will see some exceptional benefits which make email marketing a huge ultimate platform for business promotion:

1. It allows you to track sales, conversions, and engagement

It is one of the most promising advantages of email marketing benefits. A small yet useful Key Email Metrics allows you to measure and analyze the email campaigns data. It will assist you in optimizing the email ROI of your company to a great extent.

You can install email software in your PC as it is coupled with a dashboard featuring Easy-to-Read specification. It will act as ideal assistance for real-time monitoring and tracking of the performance of the email campaign.

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2. Email marketing is cost-effective and time-savvy

Have you ever wondered how much time will take for shooting an advertisement program for radio and television? Moreover, Direct Email Campaign is expensive as it comprises of several processes like mailing cost, printing, and designing.

But if you choose email marketing as a substitute to both of these, you don’t have to pay a penny to reach a large number of audiences at a time. You can craft any professional email in much lesser time without being hassled. Even the direct accessibility of the Email boxes is offered to you without paying a bug.

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3. It promotes One-to-One marketing communications

Automation is one of the top-notch advantages of email. It is a cornerstone for developing successful, nurtured, and triggered email campaigns. The full-credibility of this incredible advancement goes to the introduction of the automation software.

Now, with this software, you can develop one-to-one communications and that too at an affordable cost. This advancement is even helpful and reliable for the small businessmen to promote their business via email marketing at the same time.

Myths of E-mail Marketing Will Benefit to IT Industry

4. You can build long-lasting credibility of your business

Do you know what the most significant hurdle of business is? It is to develop a strong and ever-lasting impact of the business image in front of the customers. Email marketing is the best marketing for small businesses because it incorporates the small businessmen to challenge this issue and create a brand image in front of the customers.

To make significantly impacted credibility, you have to develop healthy interaction with your customers for keeping them updated about the latest services and products of your organization. Furthermore, you have to be polite, professional, and keep patience to receive the feedback and address them as soon as possible.

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5. It assists in garnering a quick reputation

The most exciting point of email marketing benefits is it offers golden opportunities to small businesses to turn up the table for them. If you have pondered it as a simple one to deliver the sales and coupons information to the customers only, then you are wrong! Email marketing has much more to offer to its users, i.e., people in the business.

Every time you are thinking of throwing important information to your customers unusually present them. You can excel your creativity in composing a unique, crisp as well as quality content. This will create a good impact on driving traffic to your business. Furthermore, your customers will also be eagerly waiting to receive your mail to enjoy the exploration of new services and products by watching or reading engaged-content.

Whenever you are using video clips or different blogs in the email campaign, it adds values to your email marketing. So, it will allow you to garner a quick reputation as an expert for composing content. Furthermore, it also makes your identity for providing such exceptional business communication.

6. Develop a strong relationship with your customers

Email marketing for small businesses enables the businessmen to develop a strong relationship with the customer. It helps in the retention of the customers to your small business website for a long time. But for this, you have to know what we want as the customers or what is our expectation from your enterprise? Do you know that about your customers?

If you are well-versed with it then, it is your responsibility to meet their demands. Of course, you cannot reach a large number of customers over the phone; it is not possible though! All you can do is to interact with them via email. Check their feedbacks; give the response to each of them. This will convince your customers about your service as well as your company.

7. It will boost the company’s Green Credentials

Utilizing email marketing by replacing paper-based mediums and mail shots will increase the green credential of your company. You will be identified for this great initiative in preserving nature and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, by using this electronic system to reach to your customers will save a considerable amount of money of the expense of the hardcopy print.

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8. It will increase the open-rates

Be it small or large business, every company which prefers email marketing prioritizes mainly on the open-rates. Open-rates are reliable for measuring the metrics of a company and organization. According to a study, it is proved that email marketing is the best marketing for small businesses.

It is so because it allows the recipients not only to read the emails but also to take the necessary action by clicking on the Call to Actions (CTAs). These CTAs are provided with email for downloading eBook, and eBrochure, signing up, purchasing any service or product and lots more.

9. Remove the inactive users for a better endorsement

It is quite apparent that common people like us are widely sign-up for obtaining discounts and vouchers. But as the CEO of your company, you might have noticed that they are not participating in any of the activity conducted by you.

These are inactive users, and they must be eliminated from your list. Otherwise, it will hamper the promotion or endorsement of your company via email marketing.

10. Maintaining the short email and its subject

Email marketing for small businesses is only helpful when you can send a single email to all your existing as well as new customers. You know that this is the Hi-tech age, and in this age, people want short yet meaningful content. They don’t want to devote a long time to read and understand what your company and organization has to offer. So, during composing any content after greeting directly mentioned the info regarding which you are sending email to your customers.

Email subject must be there which is pertinent to the body and short as well as crisp. It is a significant prospect because the succession and effectiveness of an email campaign are based on its length and quality.

Therefore, from the above discussion, it is clear that the email campaign has an integral role to play for the development of the business sector. With the assistance of it, a businessperson can easily reach out a thousand people in a very cost-effective, secure, and reliable way.

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