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Effectively Marketing Your ICO


What is an ICO?

There is an old English saying that you can take a horse to the river but you cannot make it drink! In the same they come up with the technical capabilities, you can create a perfect initial coin offering – commonly abbreviated ICO – but it requires some impeccable marketing skills to ensure that your ICO gets the popularity and the revenue it deserves!

Marketing an ICO is a grand culmination of multiple efforts that spread across every territory, working together to fulfill one common goal – enhance the popularity and profitability of your ICO.

What is an ICO?

The ICO is often considered to be the first point of confluence between a new technology like blockchain and the traditional dimension of crowdfunding your project by issuing a certain privilege to the person who funds your project.

An ICO is much like an IPO but there are a couple of striking differences: ICO issues utility tokens that might not hold a direct financial value but only offers the possessor a certain utility or privilege. Since the token issued in an ICO is not a security, it does not come under the purview of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The latter aspect of the ICO has led to its image being marred by a lot of scams but it has still not attenuated in terms of its popularity and preference.

Marketing an ICO

We don’t intend to say that creating an ICO is easy by any means. However, even the best ICO marketing agency will agree that marketing and ICO involve putting together a lot of factors. Let us look at the different steps involved in marketing and ICO, although not essentially in that order. Because of the synonymy that the blockchain technology has managed to strike with the bitcoin, most ICO marketing companies are referred to as bitcoin marketing companies.

Creating a detailed white paper

The white paper, without question, is the most important document in the ICO, leave alone marketing it. Your white paper should address a few basic questions and many important questions that your investors might have about your project.

To start with, your white paper should describe your project idea and its relevance in the current business situation. It is to be remembered that your white paper should describe how your project solves a real-world problem and how it is all set to change the game in that particular industry or domain. In addition to describing how your project is going to provide that problem with a solution that is far better than what exists now, you should also describe how it is bound to benefit the investors as well.

In addition, you should also describe your USP and your product. One of the most vital elements of the white paper is something known in the crypto world as ‘tokenomics’. It should describe the financial model, the funding strategies, and the details of its first sales and contracts. Your white paper should also contain detailed information about the team involved in building the project is on the product – it was a great deal in winning the trust of investors. Trust-driven sale of tokens is one of the best marketing methods that you can use to not just one investor but a group of investors in their circle.

Designing a perfect landing page

The process of marketing your ICO starts way before you write the first line of code to design the token or the ecosystem. One of the ways in which you can enhance the discoverability of your ICO is by creating a website or at least, a dedicated landing page.

For most online marketing activities, a website is considered to be the point of intermediate culmination. A website should not carry just one piece of information but should be designed to address multiple concerns. One of the first steps to creating an impeccable website with relevant content is to understand your target audience. You should determine whether your audience will be accredited investors or retail investors and if they would be expecting quick returns or if they are looking for long-term profit.

When you start marketing your ICO after it is completed, it might not be a good idea to start right from scratch. A website that gives out vital information about your product and your idea can have a form for your prospects, so by the time your ICO is ready for launch, you already have a list of people to whom you can send an email blast to.  Even if you were to run a campaign on social media, it is quite possible that you would have to have your website as the landing page. 

Your website should also have links to download the white paper, vital information about the credentials of your team, and also the technical characteristics and features of your product. A good ICO website should also contain information about statistics that establish the success of your previous ICO, and also an interactive calculator that critics or forecasts the amount that investors will earn over time. It would even be better if your website can have a 3-D model of your product if your product is a physical hardware.

Therefore, the website functions as a lead generation medium, a product showcase, a brand-building platform, and also a document repository. 

The investor cabinet

It can otherwise be referred to as the investor dashboard. As you all may have known, the purpose of the dashboard is to facilitate simple management of the entire ICO process from an investment perspective. It should provide investors with a few additional features like activating an automatic setting for bonus accruals.


It is essential for your ICO to gain good press before it goes live. On one side, you can consider reaching out to prospective investors in forums dedicated to the crypto community and even dedicated ICO forums.

In all of this, it is not to be forgotten that the classical digital marketing methodology is like search optimization, PPC marketing, social media, and content marketing still hold their relevance when it comes to marketing and ICO.


It is not that every ICO marketing company should follow the same method to market the ICO. However, any agency that can be considered as one among the best ICO marketing agencies would follow a process that is similar if not congruent. If you’d like to market your ICO in the best possible way you can get in touch with repeated ICO development or ICO marketing companies.

They would take care not only to develop but also perfectly market your ICO well creating the best documentation and the best marketing strategies possible!

Author Bio: 

Emmanuel Kant is a Blockchain Consultant, been in the Software Development Industry for the last 5+ years.

He has a great knowledge of Technology, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Tour and Travels, Fashion, Education, etc also he likes to write about the tips, procedures and everything related to the growth of Business.

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