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4 Tips for Writing a Better Email Marketing Copy


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Email marketing is still going strong

Email marketing is still going strong. That is to say, it allows you to directly interact with your target audience and reach your goals. This is primarily why you should pay more attention to your strategy. Evidently, you can’t simply send emails to your subscribers asking them to choose your product or service. You have to do a little bit more than that – namely build a connection with your customer, stand out of the crowd and present an attractive call to action.

Here are four key tips that will help you achieve that.

1. Create a winning subject line

Roughly 83 percent of B2B companies utilize email marketing as a part of their marketing approach. But many don’t pay attention to the subject line – not as much as they should at the very least. The subject line can make the difference between an email that is opened and an email that remains unread in the pile of emails.

Just as the title of an article can either convince you to give it a chance or the other way around, the same goes for emails. What you should do is make the title appealing and enticing whilst still keeping it relevant for your campaign or company. Choosing a subject line that is eye-catching but is in no way related to your firm’s activity isn’t the way to go.

2. Communicate a clear message and purpose

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Each email should communicate something. When it doesn’t communicate a real message, how can you expect it to convert? Essentially, each email you send shouldn’t waste your clients’ time. Since emails generate a lot of sales, it is critical to assert their importance.

On that note, the message should always supply valuable information. Afterward, each email you send should encourage or invite your customers to do something. That would entail a call to action. And most importantly, each email should provide something – something tangible. If your subscribers don’t find your emails valuable, the odds are that your emails will end up in the spam list.

3. Use the right tone

Another important consideration is utilizing the right tone. Determining what is the right way to address your audience also matters when it comes to preserving a bond with your clients. For example, as opposed to embracing a detached, impersonal tone, you should embrace a friendly tone – a tone that will establish a bond.

This is primordial if you want to maximize the success of your email marketing strategy, especially in the long run. Relationship marketing is something that shouldn’t miss your focus if you want to keep things real. Evidently, this doesn’t mean you should utilize slang expressions.

4. Create a sense of urgency

Did you know that creating a sense of urgency can increase the efficacy of your email marketing strategy? You can do this either by offering a deal they cannot refuse, by asking subscribers to join a webinar, so on and so forth. Another option would be providing a one-time, limited discount that can be used within a specific timeframe. Another approach that is likely to work could be offering a gift to the first persons that make a purchase, and the list may go on.

Creating a sense of urgency demands immediate action: and this should be your priority.

In summary, writing an efficient email marketing copy can really bring you better results. Your ultimate goal should be to make an impact on your customers and subscribers, to ensure that more and more people convert. As long as you consider the four key tips we included above, you should be on the right path.

Author’s Bio:

Lori Jones is a blogger and content manager at He’s passionate about a wide range of topics, from human resources to human rights.


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