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Why Zonar’s Technology Grants Are a Boon to Fleet Managers


Zonar to Assist with Technology Grants

Zonar Technology Grants

From Greyhound buses that take us from one part of the country to the other to Uber drivers taking us to the airport, the fleet systems in the United States comprise around 76% of all on-road vehicles. Logistics plays a crucial role in moving people and goods all over the world, all thanks to fleet vehicles. Although these vehicles are a part of our everyday life, carrying our shipments and delivering heavy-duty machinery to the industries, we hardly ever pause to consider the long-standing impact they create.

In this post, you will find out all about Zonar’s latest tech grants for fleet management systems and all the good it can do to make it easier for the people who are hailed as the “future of mobility.”

Zonar’s tech grant: what it is all about

The leading fleet management technology has recently launched a grant assistance program to help its fleet customers in pupil, mass transit, vocational, and commercial trucking sectors. Partnering with Learn, Design, Apply, Inc., Zonar aims to help its customers identify, apply for, secure, and manage grant funding that works towards better safety, success and performance for the fleets.

The team behind Zonar’s funding and grant assistance program include the following:

  • One-on-one sessions with industry experts and tailor-made projects for technology solutions
  • Educational webinars on grant requirements and available resources, including new funding announcements
  • Grant consultation services
  • Toolkit and tips for writing reports on grants
  • An all-around access to a wide network of grant writers

With Zonar’s new grants program in place, fleet managers can now find the right kind of resources they need to ensure optimization of performance and safety issues for the fleets.

In the fleet manager’s shoes: problems that Zonar’s grant can solve

fleet manager shoes

Vehicle acquisition

Vehicle legislation changes and determining the purpose and suitability of vehicles for the fleet before an acquisition is one of the biggest responsibilities of a fleet manager. Along with negotiation skills, they must also have the proper kind of knowledge on the different kinds of vehicles available on the road, and the suitability of each for the kinds of businesses in operation. Top those with the consideration of resell value of a vehicle towards the end of its life, and you know why it can pose as a challenge for the managers.

• Vehicle maintenance

Letting out heavy-duty trucks that have run the course of their license is a huge safety risk. Fleet managers must always stay a step ahead of such issues. Cost-benefit analysis for the maintenance of vehicles and regular checks are thus also a part of the day’s work for a fleet manager. They also need to make sure it complies with the legislation with pre-purchase verifications and daily driver walk around checks. Vehicle inspections for smooth maintenance and complete reports for each vehicle is also a frequent requirement.

• Fuel management

Following the recent Volkswagen emission scandals, the use of non-renewable fuel for vehicles is a major concern worldwide. It is one of the biggest cost-saving challenges that fleet managers must get around. With fuel prices rising globally, they must make sure to cover all aspects of fuel management to make the most of the allotted budget for the same. Reducing fuel consumption and costs thus constantly plague fleet managers. Add government and federal regulations on the types of fuel to be used on the road, and the task becomes even more challenging.

• Compliance requirements

Inspection sheets, driver checks, defect analysis, daily checks, insurance – you name it, a fleet manager’s got to do it. Regular compliance requirements can sometimes be really inconvenient for fleet managers. It being an essential part of the role of a fleet manager, they need to maintain proper documents for the same as well. While that ensures a full trail of information for the systems, the managers have a hard time fitting such tasks into their already busy schedules.

• Health and safety measures

It spells nightmare for the day in work of a fleet manager in the unfortunate event of a driver meeting with an accident. The responsibility of taking proper action following the accident falls upon the manager himself. While incidents regarding health and safety require keen attention of the fleet manager at all levels, not everyone has the expertise or time to prepare the reports carefully. False or hurried reporting can thus cost the company in the long run, and fleet managers always have to stay wary of such occurrences.

• Cost control

Reducing and controlling costs is always the number one priority for fleet managers, just like every other business. Analyzing relevant information regarding the fleet and looking for opportunities to cut down on costs has always been one of the biggest problems that fleet managers face. Updated technological solutions can help fleet managers stay ahead of their purchase costs, fuel consumption expenses and personnel management, all at the same time.

• Information overload management

Fleets generate a lot of data that the fleet manager must review. While some of them are useful, others are not quite so. Trudging through so much data every day is not only time consuming, but also has the risk of them missing out on important data. Fleet management software and updated tech training can help fleet managers get a better footing when it comes to managing and updating all that data. Similarly, such technology can also make the jobs of fleet managers easier with auto-generated reports for each customized set of information.

Zonar’s tech grant: why it matters

As the vice president of sales at Zonar puts it, fleets that are trying to bring about tech innovations in the workspace which ensures safety and efficiency of the services and personnel should always have access to resources at their disposal. The Zonar assistance feature now offers grants for fleets looking to acquire the latest technology for their services. Learn, Design, Apply, Inc., on the other hand, has more than 50 years of experience in grant management, including writing and program development for quick setting up of funds. Fleet managers can now overcome the daily hurdles of their jobs with ease, all thanks to Zonar’s newly-launched tech grants program.

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