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Why Does Your Food Delivery Venture Need an Online App?


Why Does Your Food Delivery Venture Need an Online App?

In the present era, everything has been digitized. You get all the services done online in this digital world. There is a report that states that if you have an online business, it will increase the sales by 58 percent. This is a fact that is highly felicitous for the food delivery service. The global food delivery market has had a revenue of about 83 billion pounds this year. It is expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% in the next five years. It is a proven fact that with the increased usage of smartphones, online business has also elevated at a greater rate. It is predicted that the food delivery industry will grow at a rate of 99% annually. More than 81% of the people around the world use smartphones. So, it is highly essential to have an online app for your food delivery business.

A few well-known apps in the food delivery business are Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, Foodpanda, and more. All these well-established services have an online app, which was one of the major factors for their success and sustainability. Many entrepreneurs wanted to set up a food delivery service following the success of the other apps in the market. The major hindrance was that they did not want to spend a lot of time, resources, and money on an app like Uber. In order to cater to their needs, the UberEats Clone app was launched in the market. It is a cost-friendly and readymade solution that requires lesser resources and time.

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There exist three roles, namely, the user, administrator, and delivery executive. The app will have three different dashboards based on these roles. The steps for each of them differs, and the options are also distinct. The basic flow of each dashboard is specified here:

User panel:

Download the app from the Play Store or App Store

  • Register with the app
  • Specify the location
  • Choose a restaurant
  • Add items to the cart
  • Apply coupon code if available
  • View the bill summary
  • Choose a payment gateway
  • Enter the payment details
  • Confirm the order

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Administrator panel:

  • Login using credentials
  • Monitor the food delivery service
  • Approve the delivery agents after verification
  • Manage customer and delivery executive data
  • Track delivery agent location
  • Access commission and revenue reports
  • Manage the accounts section
  • Go through customer reviews and ratings

Delivery Executive panel:

  • Register with the app as a delivery agent
  • Upload documents for verification
  • Wait for approval
  • Accept or reject requests after approval
  • Go to the restaurant
  • View the location of the customer
  • Collect the food after it is prepared
  • Update status about the food to the customer
  • Reach the location of the customer
  • Deliver the food
  • Collect the cash if the payment mode is COD
  • Update status as delivered.

Make sure that the app does not deviate from this simple flow. After deciding on the flow, you have to proceed to the app development phase. The user interface of the app should be attractive and easy to navigate.

How does a clone app development differ from an app developed from scratch?

There are three major differences between the two. They are explained below.

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Time taken to develop the app:

If you want to develop an app like Uber from scratch, it will take up a lot of time. Whereas developing and customizing a clone app will take a very little time. Business providers would not like to put in a prolonged period of time into developing an app for their business. So, this will be a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs who want to develop and launch their app in a short span of time.

Resources required to develop the app:

The number of resources or developers and testers required to develop the app will be more in number. Each of the developers will have a major role to carry out. So, they will have to work on a particular project for a prolonged period of time. This will increase the time taken to make the app live. An increased number of resources will invariably shoot up the cost required to develop an app.

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Cost of the app:

The cost of an app developed from the initial stage is very much higher than the clone app. With a clone app, you pay only for the features that you include in the app. The cost of launching the app on multiple platforms, updating the app, and providing technical support is covered in the package. So, the Uber Clone app is highly cost-efficient when compared to developing an app like Uber.


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