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Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2020


Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework

There are many PHP-frameworks are available to use as open-source and free. But whenever we talk about Laravel then the matter is different. Don’t worry it is also opens-source and free PHP framework, but it came in existence as the top and an advanced competitor to the CodeIgniter framework. It is equipped with many features such as built-in support for user authentication and authorization. CodeIgniter missed these features that is why the web development process using CodeIgniter was quite hard.

The addition of above features drastically increased the popularity and fame of the Laravel framework. Many developers using Laravel as their major element for developing web applications and think that it is the best and most renowned PHP framework out there. Developers also utilize Bootstrap Laravel templates while they develop long and complex apps. There are many other features make Laravel the best PHP framework in 2020. 

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Let’s take a detailed discussion on the features and rule of the Laravel PHP framework in web development:

App structure

When it comes to the app structure in Laravel, it comes with a default application structure. Its app structure is highly easy to use in this way provide high convenience to start small or big applications. With this feature, developers can customize the app as per the owner demands.

Multiple File Systems

Laravel provides built-in support for Amazon S3, local cloud storage system and Rackspace Cloud Storage. Switching between these highly-featured and trendy cloud storage systems will be a decent and easy task because the API used for all these systems is the same. One of the best thing in this manner will be the developer will be allowed to use all these 3 cloud storage systems just in a single application. It will allow developers to quickly and easily serve these files from different locations with no issue.

MVC Architecture Support

Focus on transparency it is a vital factor between business logic and presentation in development. Laravel support MVC. MVC is termed as Model View Controller. This architecture has a wide range of built-in functions. MVC enables developers to boost the performance and offers fair documentation benefit. To get full advantage of the Laravel framework it is suggested to connect with professionals having years of experience and expertise as they are the people offer full power to your web development provided by Laravel.

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Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel comes with the big collection of Object-Oriented Libraries incorporated with many pre-installed and built-in libraries like Authentication library. CodeIgniter, Symphony and other popular PHP frameworks don’t offer these kinds of Object-Oriented Libraries. Laravel Authentication Library is equipped with a wide range of advanced features. Some of the other features include checking active users, cross-site protection and REquest Forgery encryption, Bcrypt hashing and password reset.


Laravel offers localization benefits that are beneficial to the developers in a manner to retrieving strings of several languages. So, the web application will support multiple languages easily. It is not possible with other frameworks, so it making Laravel a global phenomenon.


Pagination is a typical task in web development but Laravel makes it easier at the first step. It helps developers to create intelligent links for any website developed on the HTML and current page. Additionally, the links created by developers using pagination in Laravel will completely compatible with Bootstrap CSS framework.

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Blade Template Engine

One of the interesting facts about Laravel is that it provides an in-built template engine named Blade. The robust and smooth Blade templating engine basically came with Laravel 5.1. Laravel comes with a basic however still robust templating engine which is not available in other PHP frameworks. 

It helps developers from utilizing the plain code in the views. Moreover, the blade views are then easily handled into easy PHP code and are before redone they are cached. In a few conditions, modifying or deleting a statement seems like a tough task while working on complex and big projects. But Blade in Laravel helps developers to easily remove or modify the statement without any issue.

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Routing System

Laravel helps the developers to utilize a routing system that is highly convenient and simple. They only require developing a directory for the URI and then develop and implement suitable links to the named routes. The main benefit is that while creating the code, it puts the URIs relied on links to the specific links and routes and updates them if the route change.


There are only a few frameworks know that creating authentication is simple and fast. In this manner, everything has been configured and involved already for the web developers usually. The configuration files consist of all necessary documents that are essential for managing the functions of authentication services.

Programming Task Management and configuration

In every web development, process task management and configuration is an essential factor that should be considered by every developer in-depth. It is also a vital task to be done on time. Either it is sending any other task or an email, clearing the database; managing tasks systematically always play an important role. Don’t worry the saying maybe typical but implementation is not as Laravel is here with a command scheduler. 

While using the command scheduler only the code entry will be added on your server. Corn calls this scheduler repeatedly. After the implementation of command, Laravel evaluates the scheduled task and run all the pending tasks. In this manner, Laravel offers ease in scheduling and managing the tasks.

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It is not easy to say if any web application is secure and protected. With the Laravel PHP framework can provide the top security to web applications. As the passwords will never get saved within the framework as the plain text. This is the main reason Laravel utilizes the hashed password for security. 

Laravel also provides the best prevention to your web applications from injection attacks. It uses SQL statements to reduce the chance of serious threats. Laravel offers many security features that involve protecting routes, encryption, HTTP basic authentication, etc.

Automatic Package Discovery

Automatic Package Discovery in Laravel finds which packages are desired by users to install. There is no need to set up any analysis. It is easy to disable this feature and developers can do it without any issue. This feature is also the reason for the popularity of Laravel.

Above are some of the features make Laravel framework best in 2020.

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