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9 Reasons Why Laravel PHP Is the Best Framework for Developing Web Applications of SMEs?


Needless to say that having a website is the basic need of any size of business. A full-fledged website attracts more users, offers them a pleasant user experience and includes them in the sales cycle which eventually increases the revenue of the business. A website is also important to expand your business globally as people always recognize the core values of your business through your website. 

Though the market is flooded with many web development companies, business owners come across a hard time to find the clever enough web development company. Availability of many web development languages and its frameworks is what makes the hunting for suitable web development company a tedious task. 

Talking about web development languages and its framework, many trustworthy resources depict that PHP is the most favourable language for web development because of its Laravel Framework. Well, we are going to discuss the same in this blog. With many genius claims and resources, we will prove that Laravel is the best PHP framework for developing web applications of SME s(small-medium scale enterprises). 

• Laravel is easy to learn and use

Generally, web development companies charge you based on the complexity of your project. But if we think broadly, they are actually charging you based on the resources they need to invest to complete your project. Talking about Laravel, it is really easy-to-use framework. Which simply means that a web development company does not need to invest their cleverest resources to develop your web application, and so, you can achieve your goal within your budget. 

Moreover, since Laravel isn’t a complex framework to use, you can hire an independent developer whose hourly rate is really affordable. 

• Clean code with easy future change

In this technologically advanced era, writing code is not a big deal, but writing clean code surely is! A clean code lets non-technical people, especially business owners understand the business logic of the code. Clean code also enables effortless future changes in the code. 

Code written in Laravel is clean because of its easy-to-use packages. These packages add complex functionalities even with less than 10 lines of code. In Laravel, there are more than 17000 packages including packages for debugging and building a full feature-packed eCommerce site. 

• A large and active community

Behind the success of every language and even framework, it has always been the force of volunteers who enhance the functionality of a framework by contributing new packages and bringing new updates. Laravel owns a very active community which is constantly working to enhance the capabilities of Laravel so that small and medium scale business owners can derive maximum benefits out of it. They help developers to solve problems intelligently and they launch new features along with extensive documentation. Imagine, if developers are getting such kind of help, how well they can develop your web application?!   

• Enhanced security

In any kind of the online environment of enterprises, security is a major concern. Data is always liable to people who are part of the enterprise but not validated to get access to that data. In such a situation, the programmer has to code in such a way that it gives access to data based on roles. But, writing code to allocate data access based on roles is a complex task that requires exceptional knowledge as well as time. 

Laravel comes with Auth package. Using this package, developers can easily define the roles of users and allocate them the data access based on their roles. While offering simplicity, the Auth package also provides higher security. 

• Easy to monitor website traffic

Once you deploy your web application, you have to keep an eagle eye on the traffic and user behaviour. And it is really not reliable to accommodate this feature into site manually or via any third party software. So, what is the alternative? 

Well, Laravel is equipped with several in-built packages which precisely monitor and store the traffic of the site along with user characteristics. With this data, you can run an effective SEO campaign and witness the growth.  

• Maximum audience reach

Reaching the maximum audience is the prime reason for developing a web application of your business. And Laravel satisfies it in so many ways. 

Laravel’s high-end features and multilingual application development support makes sure your site reaches the maximum number of users. With it, you can enhance business potential and revenue. 

• Mail service integration

After any user event, a mail is sent to the user. And Laravel has an in-built feature to achieve this requirement. It offers a clean API as well as a solution for SMTP, Amazon SES, Mandrill and “sendmail” that send mails through a cloud-based or local service. 

Inbuilt testing tools

One of the reasons why many websites fail to attract users is poorly integrated features. To avoid such features or identify them, a web development company does testing before deploying a web application. But third party testing tools aren’t reliable when it comes to Laravel Program testing. 

Luckily, Laravel offers a whole environment named Laravel Dusk to test the programs. Dusk checks every aspect of the website including the click events and relevant actions.

Effortless deployment on the server

It has always been a pain to upload the site on the server and if it isn’t worked out the way it should be, a lot of issues will arise. But in the Laravel framework, uploading site to the server is really effortless. Founder of Laravel has developed Laravel Forge. In it, one should only pick one listed server and deploy the web application on it. It is as easy as this! 

In the nutshell 

The web application is the fundamental need of small and medium scale businesses. To develop a user-friendly web application, PHP is the best language because of its Laravel framework. Laravel framework owns some groundbreaking in-built tools which restrict the reliance on other third-party tools. As a result, all desired goals of a small-medium scale business owners are satisfied precisely.   

About the Author

Vishal Virani: Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading PHP app development company which offers hire Laravel developer service. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends. 


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