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Essential Things To Keep In Mind To Develop A Zomato Clone App


Develop A Zomato Clone App

In this busy daily life, people find very little time to relax as soon as they come home and even less interest in cooking food. If this was the situation before years, most of the population would have been starving. But we all know that’s not the case now. Thanks to all the food delivering apps like Zomato, Swiggy.

People can have a feast delivered at their doorstep in a short span of time with just a  few taps from their devices. This has become a part of many people’s lifestyles and why not? The energy and time consumed is almost none since we could order food in just a few minutes.

From a survey, it is known that 87% of the people prefer ordering foods online and through food delivery apps.

By this, we could strongly guess that the food delivery business is not going to have a decrease in popularity. At least not in the near future.

So, gather all your doubts and throw it out of your mind because there is no better solution than the food delivery business like Zomato Clone app, to start your venture.

Important Steps to be followed:

Some important steps need to be taken care of to make your Zomato Clone app successful. They are:

1. Partnering with food joints in the locality:

The first and important step is to partner with the eateries that are in the locality. You have to explain to the owners about the importance of being mentioned in your app. This is a win-win situation, as both you and the eateries would get benefited by it. The eateries would gain visibility and if there are a lot of customers ordering from them, they would be featured at the top results.

2. Implement a commission fee:

It is the best way to implement commission fees or rates than other giant apps to make your app more famous. The influx of eateries with your app would also increase.

3. Implement SEO:

Implementing Search Engine Optimization, you would get to know about the visibility of your business and you can also enlarge it by finding people who look out for the food. By this, you could also let people know about the discounts and offers in your app.

4. Pickup:

Some people would prefer to order food in your app and pick up the food by themselves rather than choosing for home delivery.

5. Focus on specific areas:

Focus on those areas where your competitors have not conquered yet. This is the advanced and essential strategy as this would help you in optimizing your app. After gathering as many users from that area, you could try to expand your area.

6. Keeping up with technology:

By using state-of-art technology, it is better to enhance your app with better features to offer users a smooth experience while using the app.

Essential features to be added in the Zomato Clone app:

1. Fare estimation:

The fare estimate feature helps the user to look at the total estimate of the prices of foods. They can also remove the food that they don’t want.

2. Multi-lingual:

Having the app with multi-lingual features would cover a large number of audiences to use your app from worldwide.

3. Real-time tracking:

The real-time navigation lets the user track the delivery of the food they order. They could get other work done and be at the door by the time the food arrives.

4. Notifications:

The notifications feature optimizes the user experience by time to time. There would be notifications when the user places the order, when the restaurant assigns a delivery professional, when the order is ready and when the delivery ride is started by the delivery executive.

5. User-friendly interface:

Making sure that the delivery app is user friendly would generate the number of users using the app. Users love these services because of their simplicity.

Development process:

Zomato like app development can be done in two different ways.

  1. Development from scratch
  2. Using a white-labelled solution

1. Development from scratch:

The development of the app from scratch requires a prior coding experience. You will need a team of members. They are UI/UX designers, Back-end developers, Frontend developers, project managers and QA Engineers.

The team members must be proficient enough to make the app worth it. Since the development process is complex, you will need to plan the features that are unique from the competitors to make your ground solid in the business. Every feature takes different costs.

2. Using a white-labelled solution:

This method is easier compared to the development of the app from scratch. Here, the app can be developed from Zomato Clone script. The scripts are readily available and integrable solutions that are developed by expert developers. You have to just convey your idea about the features you will add in the app. These features would be then integrated into the script and our app is ready!


With everything we discussed, make a revolutionary application so that the world can see your skill!



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