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Why are NCERT solutions crucial for the Board exam preparation?


Students nationwide follow the CBSE board-released study materials for preparing and scoring better marks in the board exam. The CBSE board forms a brand new syllabus before the commencement of every academic year. Based on the latest CBSE syllabus, which has been released, the National Council of Education, Research and Training develops and distributes the textbooks to the students. NCERT solutions are the solutions which are being assimilated through this syllabus.

The main advantage of using NCERT Solutions is that they focus highly on the fundamentals of each subject, according to the latest CBSE Syllabus. This helps the students clear the core concepts of each subject.

Given below are the major benefits of reading NCERT solutions for board exam preparation-

1. Factual information.

The NCERT books are being prepared only by expert teachers and trainers. They conduct extensive research on topics of each subject. The NCERT Solutions will be checked twice by professional teachers, and after these solutions are thoroughly checked, they go under publishing. Thus, it is believed that NCERT solutions are the best resource for preparing any examination. 

2. Strictly follows the CBSE curriculum.

We all know that CBSE is a governing body that controls the education system in the schools affiliated with CBSE. NCERT is an organization which is responsible for publishing books for CBSE schools. The NCERT books cover the entire syllabus of CBSE subjects, and thus, NCERT solutions strictly follow the CBSE curriculum.

3. It offers a vast number of problems to solve.

The NCERT books offer many questions and problems that are crucial for the final exams. One can get all those questions from textbooks and practice well for the final board examination. The student is likely to stumble upon many questions at the end of every chapter given by NCERT experts. Thus, the NCERT solutions are your one-stop for everything; you can get all the subjects in a single place.

4. Clears all fundamental concepts.

The NCERT books are not only sufficient to cover the entire syllabus of CBSE, but they are also enough to cover all the fundamental and essential topics in lucid and plain language. It helps students make all the concepts crystal clear. After the student clears all the concepts, he does not need to mug up the whole stuff repeatedly. 

All he needs to do is revise the formula and core concepts. This is why the NCERT books are considered ideal for a comprehensive study.

5. Best for the CBSE board exams.

It is very much essential to go through all the previous question papers of the CBSE exams. After going through it, the student will find that most of the questions asked in the papers are being taken directly or indirectly from the NCERT books. The CBSE examination board follows a specific criteria for setting a paper. They follow the same paper pattern every year and the weightage of marks also remains the same. For thorough understanding of the concepts, it is important to study the CBSE books carefully as nothing beyond these books is asked in the exam.

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