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What To Be Considered While Buying A Headset Online?


Are you excited to buy a new headset online but also confused about the same? Well, the confusion is natural as so many headsets are available on online platforms. Also, one cannot compare different options effectively by just looking at the product images. For this reason, we have curated a list of things that one must consider while purchasing a headset online. Considering these things will lead you to a good buying decision. So, let’s check out those tips one by one.

Buying A Headset Online

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Headset Online

Call Quality

Call quality is an important factor to consider while purchasing a headset. Because most headphones deliver a decent output sound but transmit computerised voice to the listener during the calls. So, the sound output is comparatively low in quality. Therefore, the headset must have a decent call quality.

To get an idea about the call quality of the headset, one can head to websites that post detailed reviews of different headphones. Moreover, you can go through user reviews and ratings about the call quality of a particular headset. This way, you can figure out a good one. 

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a factor that directly impacts the experience of headset users as it helps eliminate background noise in various situations. For instance, noisy conference rooms, traffic noise, and many more.

The headsets with noise cancellation feature have dedicated hardware and software components to remove unwanted sounds. For this reason, they generally have two microphones: one for recording your voice and the other to capture background noise. After recording the noise, the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms eliminate the unwanted sounds.

Good headphone brands implement high-quality noise cancellation technology in their products. Consequently, the background noise in various scenarios is muted, and the user continues to get a crisp and clear sound.

Battery Life

Battery life is always an important factor while taking any digital device into account, and headphones are no different. However, wired headsets are powered directly by the devices they connect to, but wireless ones entirely depend on the battery to operate. Therefore, good battery life is essential to make sure the device can be used for a decent amount of time. 

The form factor of the headphones with large battery capacity is comparatively bigger and bulkier. On the other hand, those with less battery life are lightweight and smaller. However, the final choice boils down to an individuals’ personal preferences. So, figure out your requirements and choose a headset accordingly.


While buying a headset online, make sure they are comfortable to use. Because, if the design and build quality are not up to the mark, the headphones may cause discomfort on prolonged usage. Various factors influence the comfort levels of different headsets. Let’s check out the major ones below.

  • The ear cushions must consist of soft and quality material to avoid pain in the ears during long usage sessions.
  • Based on the size of ear cushions, the headsets are divided into two major categories: On the ear and over the ear. If you prefer to get the ears totally covered under the earcups, go with “over the ear” ones and vice-versa.
  • Pick the ones that provide a good fit for the size of your head. In addition, a good fit assures that the headset is neither too tight nor too loose around the head.
  • The material must be lightweight because the bulky ones cause discomfort.

Keeping the above things in check, one can make sure to select a comfortable headset.


Headphones also act as important elements influencing the fashion statement of an individual. For this reason, choosing the one with an attractive design adds up to the personality of the user. However, the design choice differs from person to person. For this reason, some users prefer the ones with simpler designs, whereas others like fancy designs.

For instance, headphones with bold designs and colors are used in professional use cases. On the other hand, casual users like live streamers and gamers prefer fancy designs with functions like RGB lighting.


Wireless headsets have a fixed range up to which they provide connectivity. Although, for general usage, most headsets offer decent connectivity up to a few feet. But, for a professional usage scenario, the headphone range is a deciding factor.

For instance, the users looking for a headphone for corporate or telecom usage must select the ones with DECT 6.0 wireless technology instead of Bluetooth. Because DECT offers a good range and clear sound quality. 

In conclusion, the range of wireless headphones is a crucial factor for individuals who want to buy one for professional usage.

Mono Sound VS Stereo Sound

The headphones with mono sound consist of only a single earpiece. Therefore, they are suitable for users who need to stay aware of their surroundings while using the headset.

On the other hand, stereo headsets are preferred for those who need to get rid of distractions and background noise. Because they cover both the ears of the users, eliminating the majority of unwanted sounds. Additionally, stereo headsets are also suitable for entertainment purposes like listening to music, gaming, etc.

Cord Quality

This factor comes into play if you want to buy a wired headset. The cord serves the purpose of connecting the headset with the respective device. Firstly, check the cord length because no one wants the headset to get disconnected every now and then, on a slight movement. Hence, the cord must be of a considerable length. 

Moreover, the cable quality must be good to prevent wear and tear. Furthermore, avoid the ones having rubber coating on the cord because they easily get tangled and damaged. 


The above are the important things that will help figure out a suitable headset according to your requirements. However, one must go with reputable brands like PLANTRONICS headsets to ensure good build and sound quality. Additionally, renowned brands provide good value as the headsets last for years without any issues. Furthermore, they offer a warranty and after-sales support, in case of any problem. So, consider all these tips and get yourself a good quality headset according to the budget.


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