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Read These 10 Tips To Know About the Advantages Of Games Like Candy Crush Saga Clone


Games have taken an integral part of our leisure time and it’s not going away any time in the future either although the forms of games have differed from generations to the next, the simple cause being entertainment. It fuels developers and players to keep finding the next best thing.

In the yesteryear, we see games in a more traditional context like board games or playground games. These mostly consist of physical activities yet with the coming of more technology like the internet, computers, game consoles, smartphones and so on. The scope of games soon increased in sheer volumes. And now, information is so easily accessible with a tap or two and so is the advancement in technology that specific softwares is able to run digital games on mediums like smartphones and tablets.

Speaking of mobile games, Candy Crush has been the placeholder of all match 3 games for a good amount of time. The game is simple to play and is visually appealing with all those delicious looking candies! Even the scale of the levels are massive and are divided into worlds/destinations making eager players invested for a long adventure. There is more to these sorts of games than meets the eye, did you know the Candy Crush Saga Clone is very beneficial which helps the user to play games easily and also grow your business.

Improves Brain Cognition

Our brain is like a complex machine with several parts that designates attributes like multitasking, making decisions, solving problems, recalling information and retaining it and so on. Playing Games Like Candy Crush is a good practice ground to enhance the mentioned attributes as each attempt allows the player to make mistakes and learn from them. It is especially telling when there are limited moves left till the level ends, a skilled player identifies the best possible move to work under limited moves.

Playing the game over a period of time improves the cognitive state of the player and can ultimately turn to be a beneficial game

Reduces Your Craving Tendencies

Devotion to a particular task does bring about a better use of your time and energy rather than keeping your mind idle, as the saying goes an idle mind is the devil’s workshop

For people who usually perform idle snacking and tend to gain more weight or induce lethargy due to inactivity too. So instead of doing this playing a game that improves your cognitive status sounds a lot more productive. It is also a fun and exciting game filled with colourful imagery and sound effects

Enhances Coordination

Playing a video game may seem like an easy activity but there is much more going on behind the scenes. It generally requires one to pay adequate attention towards the game and both motor and visual skills are necessary. The speed of reaction also depends on the mentioned traits and the more a player plays the game their reflexes gradually trains itself to reach the satisfactory outcome of each playtime. The game is built with different types of levels and activities, like how some levels have a time limit and the player needs to accomplish said task before time’s up. The end goal of each Games Like Candy Crush Saga is to challenge the players into the game itself

Improvement in Problem Solving Skills

As all games have objectives and rules, it is up to the players to figure out the mechanics of the game before a loss occurs. When it comes to match 3 games the way of playing is universal however, the chain reaction of one matching set matters. Players need to think ahead as to bring in more possible matches and bonuses. This is a problem many players face with and are typically easy to solve

Improves Level of Attention Span and Concentration

If a player is attentive enough to solve a puzzle set by the game, they will eventually win the level. Given that the attention span of the player is good enough to win the level but even losses help improve the player’s level of concentration. It is true that with practice, one gradually grows their attributes and skills. Partly as the body has its own way of learning and unlearning. Match 3 games do require the players to have a sharper eye unlike other games, they need to have a knack to spot the right artifact and it’s future outcomes

It Works Like an Interactive Tool

According to the elements and the theme compromising the game, it is important to note that they serve as great tools for learning and interaction. The game is especially  good for children as the main theme is ‘Candy’ along with lovable characters. Even though the story arc is interesting and engaging, it has its fair share of adventures and fun. As children are susceptible to learning effectively at their age the receptors and motor skills may be in a great training environment

These days social media platforms like Facebook have introduced games in their station and through this players from all over the world can support one another in the game. The same goes for Facebook friends as the game allows the players to link their game account directly to it. Thus, you automatically find your friends in the game’s friend list. In the game, players can support each other by sending extra lives.

Can Be A Stress Buster

Naturally, games are played to relieve everyday stress. The game is a popular stress buster with its satisfying voice acting and sound effects even the candies look appealing! The overall colour and themes introduced in the game promotes an aura of comfort and excitement

Generates a Healthy Competition

Festering the spirit of healthy sportsmanship at a young age is important for further prospects in a child’s life. Candy Crush has a long list of levels and it is a good space to encourage competition among siblings or in a family. It helps establish stronger relationships between both sides. It develops a healthy take on competition and the idea of ‘being in the race’ instead of ‘winning the race’

An Addiction That Is Health Positive

There are times when addictions may be healthy, Candy Crush is highly addictive yet it’s advantages as mentioned above keeps the brain sharp and active. It helps improve cognitive functions and enhances attention and retention spans.

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Sunny Chawla

Sunny  Chawla is a MD at Uber Clone App which is the Best Clone App Development Company helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on Mobile App Development, Web Development, Clone App Development, Software Development and Game Development.

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