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What are the latest technologies for web development?


What does it hit when you hear the word “WEB DEVELOPMENT” for the first time? Does it ring bells related to the development and stuff? If yes then you are partially correct. Web Development as the name suggests is the development of the web and stays updated to the latest trends in technology from time to time. Web development can be related to any of the work which happens at the back end and helps in presenting the website with a unique, polished, and graceful look.

Web Development is also seen as a great career opportunity since you don’t need any university degree to prove your skills. web development skills are highly paid and well appreciated all over the world. When you look at the front view of the website it looks elegant, but behind that elegant look is two major reasons responsible. The first is the back end and the second is the front end.

  • FRONT END – The front end dev takes care of the outlook, view, and styles by using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. They take an idea from the drawing board and turn it into reality.
  • BACK END – The back end is the main hub responsible for storing out the layout changes, storing data, keeping the database healthy, and the server for hosting the website. Without Backend, there will be no Front end.

Let’s talk about some of the latest technologies in the field of Web Development,

PWA(Progressive Web Applications)

PWA is not the latest technology but its potential to perform better was as close to a native app one and was the only reason which caught the eye of major web developers and investors all over the world. PWA’s allow the user to view different websites in their web browsers without downloading specific android apps or computer programs.

In 2021 PWA will be written with HTML and CSS besides great experience and sending push notifications PWA can allow users to access cache content.

 Voice Search Optimization

Ever wanted a personalized experience and allow home assistants to work only on your voice?

Well, 2021 is gonna look much like you want. Web development will be dramatically revolutionized with more than half of all the smart devices getting their commands and responding to those commands over voice.


MotionUI is an approach to make the web texts and images more clear and intuitive. MotionUI involves the approach to make custom animation integrate with CSS elements powered by stand-alone libraries with numerous classes of animated elements. In 2021 the motionUI of the future still seems appealing due to the SASS libraries’ easy use feature with CSS, HTML, and Javascript making it more responsive. MotionUI will come as a great benefit for those big players in the market who are searching for big brand integration.

Responsive Websites design (RWD)

You can’t discuss web development trends without discussing the website responding issue. The concept originated when mobile devices were taking much of the website browsing with 52.2% of the websites serving mobile devices in 2018, and the same percentage goes to 50.3 and 50.8% for the year 2019 and 2020. There were 3 solutions to this issue, either make a website for desktop and then turn it into mobile-friendly, make a website for mobile-first and then adapt it into the desktop or invest in responsive websites by using the same HTML code with CSS so that it can automatically render your website for different platforms.

GDPR in CyberSecurity

Why is cybersecurity such a topic of hype? In 2021 or the past years also everything is mostly automated and done through a device that is connected to the internet.

While doing online transactions, booking tickets, and even setting up a home assistant, we are always at a risk for our data getting stolen. The cybersecurity field itself is estimated to generate a revenue of $300 billion by the end of 2024.

So what cybersecurity plans are we likely to discover by 2021? There will be a reduced percentage of phishing attacks by implementing algorithms that will drastically reduce the attacks through page simulations, or data entry on fake website pages, etc.

The development of the privacy policy like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe also makes sure that there is no storing, collecting, or selling of any user data in an unauthorized manner subject to which the internet product owner will be taken under legal consequences if found guilty.


Many developments are going on in or around Web Development and in Technology. The more we are staying connected to the internet through any of the devices, the more likely are the chances that we need more technologies in Web Development. Web Development has surely shaped the internet for a perfect future for the coming generations in the future.

Author Bio:

Rick Boklage is working for Focus It Solution

Rick Boklage is working for Focus It Solution. Focus It Solutions helps businesses embrace technology and offers custom web-application services. Our developers create robust and reliable web applications for diverse industries such as healthcare, insurance, banking, manufacturing, and many more. Get in touch with him now for any assistance regarding Web Development. Follow his company, Focus It Solution on Linkedin.


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