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Aesthetic Ways To Hide Your Office’s Cables


Aesthetic Ways To Hide Your Office’s Cables

When setting up desks, computers, servers, and switches, the tangle of wires can quickly become overwhelming. The wires can look cluttered, messy, and can even slow your productivity. Troubleshooting problems with messy cables will take longer than necessary as you try to find the problem wire, and untidy cables can even pose a safety hazard if left unchecked.

Luckily, there are aesthetic ways to hide your office’s cables, keeping them organized and safe.

Hook Cords To Desks

Instead of letting your computer cords dangle from the plugs, attach them to the underside of the desk. Snaking the cords along the outline of your work desk will keep them all together in one place and out of the way. This not only makes the desk look cleaner, but it manages your cables in an orderly fashion where you can easily access them when needed.

Keep Cords Compact With Tubing

Similar to hooking them to the desk, you can also keep wires neatly together by wrapping them in wire tubing. Much like anchoring them to the desk, putting your cables in tubing consolidates them into a single area. With the tubing, you will hide the wires and give them a uniform appearance. This can further add to the clean look of your office by hiding all the individual wires and containing them in one tube.

Color Coding or Labeling Cables

To further make the job of organization easier, color-code cables or label them to greatly aid in the management of wires. Most wires are black, and even when you hide them in tubing, it will be hard to distinguish one from another. Color coding them will make installation and troubleshooting easier, as you will be able to identify every wire, no matter how far away it is from the input jack.

What if the Cable Is Exceedingly Long?

Sometimes, there is no getting around using an excessively long cord; most times, the main culprit is an ethernet cable. These Ethernet cables come in numerous lengths and can pose their own unique challenges when trying to order your office’s cables. They can look messy, and they can even pose a tripping hazard.

Lay Down Wire Floor Covers

The only way to circumvent the tripping hazard presented by long wires is to install wire floor covers. These covers come in a variety of lengths and colors, which you can match to better fit the look of the office. They can easily blend in and eliminate the risk of tripping over loose cables.

Always Look for Ways of Concealment

Wires, if left strewed about, look messy and can pose safety risks to employees. Find ways to hide your office’s cables to promote an organized work environment and a safe working space.


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