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Trends in the Catering Industry


Trends in the Catering Industry

Catering Industry has undergone drastic changes in recent times due to Pandemic and other reasons. From the beginning catering services are aimed to provide memorable food and humble service that brings life to the events. Irrespective of the occasion, catering services provide tasty food to all the gatherings. We all know in recent times the gathering of the people in a huge number is not good. But still, many catering services came up with innovative and predominant features attracting customers and making the celebrations a grand success. Wondering how the events are occurring online?

In the fast-changing world and technologies, adapting to the latest technology is a must. Let’s check how more traditionally operated catering services are answering the new challenges and adopting the new technology for their growth and sustainability.

Celebrate Events Online

Earlier we all would gather at a place and congratulate each other on special events. Celebrating the special events with our near and dear brings satisfaction to our soul. We need human touch and we need to share our emotions with all our friends and family.

With the changing circumstances, the way we celebrate our events is also changed. Instead of gathering around. Noe people are connecting online through video calls and meetings to celebrate and share their feelings.  Sounds interesting right? Yes, but this is not as touching as our good old ways. Considering the new normal the online gatherings are in trend now.

Many events with less gathering like around 20 to 30 can connect online in available video conferencing applications. But if you are looking for an online gathering with around 500 people, most of the free video call or chat applications are not feasible. To address this problem, catering services come with a video conferencing idea where more than 500 people can join online. There is more to this!!!

What do we expect from online gatherings?

The online gathering is more like a gathering except we won’t be physically present over there. Below are the features of the online gathering.

  1. Gathering rooms
  2. The food at your place
  3. Custom Menu
  4. Live Events
  5. Group Gathering rooms.

Sounds exciting right: There are custom gathering rooms, in your online event. Interested people can enter the room and exchange the wishes near and dear and jump on to other rooms. Imagine if you invite 30 families. Each family will have their own dedicated room and anyone can jump in and exchange the wishes during the event.

The organizers can select the Menu and send them across to their guest’s place. Although some caterers have restrictions on the area, most of them are serving in the city limits.

You can even plan entertainment for your guests like ‘Live Music’, ‘Live Comedy Shows’ etc in your online event.

We need to agree as this is in trend now. And many are welcoming and adjusting to this new normal.

Digital Marketing

The next great trend in the Catering industry is the usage of digital platforms to promote their business and ideas. Earlier it all happened in the traditional way. Now things are drastically changed. Digital Marketing had become a new tool to market their specialist and services. True, in the past 6 months there is a huge shift in the catering industry. They are shifting their budget to Digital Marketing rather than Traditional Marketing.

The Digital presence is a must in every industry now, catering services are no exception to this. And they are seeing their ROI also in these tough times through Digital Marketing

Catering Applications

We all know Restaurant Apps like Open Table. With these apps, we can select our table and sometimes pre-order the food too. Similarly to minimize the visits to the catering services office and encourage contactless service. Many Catering services are coming with their own app to track the complete CRM in the Apps. Customers can design their menu and caterers will approve their menu and finalize their price with an online payment option. Now the customers can plan their menu for any number of days and book with the caterers completely. No Physical contact Assured

Customer Satisfaction

It is true not only for customer satisfaction but every catering service should adapt to the latest event catering trends at the event. Because a meal isn’t just about the Menu or meal. It’s a golden opportunity to build and strengthen connections. More than anything it is an awesome event to bring people together and share the amazing experience. Keeping all this view the event managers are collecting the feedback for their services is made easier. Many are using Google Forms to use to collect and analyze the feedback.

Trendy Foods in your Menu

Consumers are looking for new ingredients and cultural trends, interactive and live cooking counters are all the rage. If your event is at a venue then you can plan to include sushi-rolling classes and cocktail tasting sessions. If the same is an online event you can include these online sessions to make your event more interactive.

New and tasty foods are round the corner. The innovative chefs always do experiments with food and bring amazing taste. Like Jackfruit Biryani or Texas Barbecue are some awesome foods that are now available on the Catering Menu.

Food Waste Warriors

Global food waste is a big concern these days. In two minutes, roughly 16,510 tons of food is produced; and more than 5000 tons of food is wasted.

We should keep a note that in 2020 with growing exposure in the current climate crisis. To tackle these challenges event catering services are incorporating ideas like tip-to-tail eating, effective use of food waste, and biodegradable packaging. Cutting down the food waste at huge events can mean lower food production and transportation costs and a greener planet.


Amazing right!!! Evolution is there in every part of life. Every industry should face challenges and come up with innovative solutions to tackle them. The trends in the catering industry are truly remarkable and the way they are adopting and molding the new technologies for their growth is truly appreciable.


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