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Top New Features of Microsoft Power Apps in 2022


Is your operation still working with manual trends, service delivery, and training features?

Are you still relying on the traditional app building method for building customised applications and required software solutions for the company?

If your answer is YES, it’s high time to have a serious note towards the change.

To reinforce the features and functionality of your operational house and inculcate an analytical approach in the work, the present-day Power Apps brings a unique and exceptional Solution with customised, scalable, secured, and bifurcated behaviour, especially designed for any vertical of global business.

It enables you to build a quick customised business application that can conveniently connect with the database. The data can either be stored in on premises or off premises infrastructure like SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, or SQL server.

So, let us dig down deep into the topic and churn the trending and latest features of Power Apps that are highly being chased in 2022.

Let’s Unlock the Recent Features of Power Apps! 

  • Enhanced Support for SQL Server
  • In-House Data Extraction and Prefetching 
  • Extended Support for Canvas and Model Driven Application
  • Greater dataverse Table Designer
  • Smart Formula Correction Method
  • Build Native Mobile Applications for Android/iOS
  • Data Filtration with Modern Techniques
  • Improved Access Policies 

#1 Enhanced Support for SQL Server

The most astounding features about Power Apps is that it is not any more impossible to get direct support from SQL server. This not only improves the operational delivery but also makes the system quick and responsive.

#2 In-House Data Extraction and Prefetching 

To get rid of the manual process, delegation issues, and data synchronization, the latest features of Power Apps are best for the business. The manual process was ineffective, time-taking, and complicated. Power Apps Development Services are best for the business in order to shun away from the inefficiency.

#3 Extended Support for Canvas and Model Driven Application

The newly proposed features of Power Apps would include in-house and in-built support for model driven and canvas applications. These features are now extensively welcoming among the developers for their broad facilitation.  

newly proposed features of Power Apps

#4 Greater dataverse Table Designer

The table designer feature that was earlier available with Power Apps for Teams will now be available in latest version of the platform. You can now edit records, define columns, and add details into it.

#5 Smart Formula Correction Method

The IT professionals and designers will now be leveraged with AI oriented formula correction method. Power Apps Consulting Services in the market are now widely adopted for this formula correction process that is empowering the companies and enterprises.

#6 Build Native Mobile Applications for Android/iOS

This property was declared before at the Ignite meeting, it’s worth focusing on again as it will be an extraordinary upgrade. As of now, clients open applications through the Android/iOS Power Apps player. It will before long be feasible to make marked applications that can be appropriated through the Android/iOS application stores. This will work with the capacity to convey applications that look more ‘proficient’.

#7 Data Filtration with Modern Techniques

From April 2022, Power Apps will be using advance AI method to refine and filter the structured and unstructured data. This will not only bifurcate, optimise and streamline the database but also allow you to use the stored information for company benefit.

#8 Improved Access Policies 

With the implementation of conditional access from April 2022, as per the location, users, and applications; Power Apps with latest upgraded features has now become reinforced and better. Power Apps Consultants across the globe is relentlessly selling the plans and subscription for lubricated and functional company across the globe.

How the New Features of Microsoft 365 Created Difference in Market?

  • Better Availability
  • Outstanding Data Integration 
  • Automated Functionality
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Improved Productivity

With all the above-mentioned features, Microsoft 365 has made a phenomenal impact in the global business. Let’s analyse them.

New Features of Microsoft 365 Created Difference in Market

Better Availability

As per the update, this software development platform is now available with Office 365 subscription too. Thus, the wide availability of Power Apps enables you to integrate with different data sources that would eventually transform the business from manual to digital with automated capability.

Outstanding Data Integration 

Today, Power Apps Consulting Services are booming due to the outstanding data integration ability that this technology brings for you. PowerApps Development Services conveniently facilitates you to integrate with more than 200 data sources include PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Dropbox, Dynamics 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, Salesforce, and many others. A Microsoft Gold Partners available in the market can deploy you the same.

Automated Functionality

The updated features of Power Apps allow the company and enterprises to defy the manual model and uphold the automated functionality across the system. This also allows you to send direct notifications to buyers and the workforce. On top of that reporting and troubleshooting can even be executed when the user is out of his/her desk or office.

Enhanced Security 

With holistic control over the application from the administration centre, Power Apps Development Companies bring you an improved security for your company. The better user control and data management offer you a responsible security policy for all users and devices working in with on premises and off premises infrastructure.

Improved Productivity

With so many facilitations that come along with updated features of Power Apps, it is certain that the productivity certainly gets improved, and operations get functional. Getting such digital enforcement, the employees become multi-tasking, optimised, and reflect sustained relevancy.

Let’s Plan your Business Future with Latest Power Apps Features!

The traditional model of application development has almost lost its inclination in the market. On top of that, the updated features of Microsoft Power Apps are equipped with rational logic, hi-tech workflow capabilities, enhanced user experience, digitally transformed operations, and greater automated processes.

This proves the point that any Power Apps Development company deploying the updated features of this technology would sell like a hot cake in the market.

Be it the software or application development for any company, the Power Apps features of 2022 are letting the industries soar much high and stay relevant in the market.

Writer Bio:

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An Enthusiastic Sr. IT Consultant at Bitscape. One of the Best Power Apps Development company in the US & Canada. He has decade years of experience in delivering Microsoft technology-based solutions which are developed utilizing the capability of multiple technologies. He loves to travel to natural places.


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