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Top Advantages of Dedicated Project Team Structure!



Before we proceed with any type of development work and assemble the team, we need to choose the optimal collaboration model which can be effective for your project. You can find yourself a pure outsourcing team, getting an in-house development team, or extending your team with developers from outside your staff, and then realize none of them fits you entirely. Well, you can also try a dedicated team model for your project as it offers efficiency and flexibility, and works exclusively on one project.

Dedicated developers create incredible applications to make our life easier and for businesses, it helps them to improve their business process with a significant change. So, hiring the right development team can make your business one of the best in the market and have potential customers across the world. But the question is, how to hire dedicated developers?

We can say that a Dedicated team is one of the most widely used and basic models that is known as the mainframe of modern IT outsourcing. Companies of all sizes have already adopted remote work to expand their development teams with talent across the world. And the best to do this is to have your own dedicated software developers to improve workflows and business processes.

When people hear the term “Dedicated development team”, they might imagine several team members working together with full commitment. And they aren’t wrong at all. However, sometimes a dedicated team is used in the context of offshoring practices, which are focused on one company contracting another to accomplish the project or certain tasks for them.

Every startup is looking for ways to reduce unnecessary costs but still get top-notch development services. And one of the most effective ways to cut costs and receive the services as expected, outsourcing your project will generate desired results by implementing cost-efficient strategies. However, choosing the right way might be challenging. So we’re here to resolve all your issues and help you ease your tasks by discussing everything about a dedicated development team model and its advantages. But before we proceed ahead, let’s know what exactly a dedicated team model means.

What is a dedicated team model?

A dedicated software development team allows you to add talent to an existing tech team to design and develop a new system and contribute to your ongoing project. It is a cost-efficient and reliable strategy to outsource an entire part or certain tasks of product development. It also works well for various types of projects from scaling large web development platforms to creating an MVP from scratch.

Basically, the dedicated team model is a business-oriented approach where a group of remote professionals works exclusively on your project and scales up the team. As a rule, a dedicated team includes various roles such as developers, UI/UX designers, QA testers, project managers, BA, DevOps, and data scientists.

Do you know why it is called a dedicated team model? As one of the best collaboration models, it is entirely focused on the accomplishing client’s project until its completion. Thus, you can reap the benefits of an in-house team without paying any extra costs. You can choose one depending on your project, and budget, and make changes in your collaboration with the team for the next project.

How does it work?

Step 1: First things first, it starts with the client’s requirements. Depending on your project needs, you need to determine the required technical skills for your project and specific roles.

Step 2: After determining the project requirements, a Dedicated Team Supplier begins with the recruitment process locally and chooses pre-screens employees presenting a shortlist to the client.

Step 3: Now the client conducts final interviews to check the technical skills of the candidates and make sure that they can efficiently work on the project.

Step 4: The client onboarded the selected candidates together with the HR team.

Step 5: And that’s it, your project is now ready to start and your selected team members should work together to achieve the common goal, conduct regular meetings, and track the progress.

We can say that the client is responsible for all work processes and they have full control over the project. Also, they have the right to monitor the project, manage the team, assign tasks, and organize the project workflow.

Top 10 Advantages of dedicated project team structure

1. Cost-effectiveness

The cost of hiring a tech development team from nearshore is lower compared to maintaining the costs of local specialties. It helps you to save time and money that you invest in the recruiting process. You can easily save costs if you choose to work with a dedicated team because here you are not required to pay as much as you pay to your regular workers and still get the desired outcomes. Professionals and experts working in a dedicated team come from an entirely new labor market, so their rates will be much lower compared to those in your region.

If you compare the local salary of one developer with the external developer and multiply the difference by the total number of people working in a group for your project, it can add up to a quite substantial amount of savings. Apart from this, a dedicated team model allows you to eliminate legal and administrative expenses since all employment costs including workspace setup, equipment, employee benefits, licenses, etc. lay on the vendor.

2. Control and Transparent

We have seen several companies that don’t like outsourcing models because they are not transparent. But when you hire a dedicated team of developers to work on your project, you can always have control over your team so that you can know what your developers are currently working on and what tasks should be assigned to them next. This team model uses task management and time tracking solutions to check on the progress themselves and see whether all the team members are on the same page.

You can easily manage and track progress when working with a dedicated team. You can see an entire image of their achievements which makes the process even more transparent because all of them are working on the same project and focused on achieving a common goal. Not only this, but they communicate daily to stay in touch with their teams using work messengers so that errors can be fixed quickly.

3. Fast-paced development cycle

Speed is one of the most essential factors to take into consideration while developing a work. And when you choose to work with a dedicated software development team, you’re not required to worry about deadlines. Because the development team working on your project focuses on only one project and brings their experience and expertise to speed things up considerably.

4. Flexible team composition

One of the best things to consider about a dedicated team is its dynamic nature. And flexibility is the main benefit of building a dedicated team with a tech vendor. You can easily add more people to your existing team when you feel that the work is taking too long than expected to complete the tasks. Also, you can free the individual from the group if he/she has completed the assigned tasks and is not required for your needs.

5. Perfect for long-term projects

Do you know that a dedicated team model is a combination of the best-fixed price and time & material contracts? Yes! In a dedicated team model, the price per month is fixed from the beginning; however, you can work with them as long as you need them. We can say that this team model is suitable if your project is long-term and has complex requirements that need to be achieved.

The main part is that you’re not required to monitor and track the team every hour. Because they are completely autonomous and each team has its leader who is responsible to track the progress and provide you with full reporting regarding the development process at any time. A project manager assigns the tasks to every individual and makes sure that all the tasks are completed on time. So you’re not required to worry about the project progress, instead focus on other core business activities.

6. Better talent

When you hire a dedicated software development team for your project, you’re actually accessing a large talent pool of developers who’re skilled enough to delegate the tasks adequately. They provide you with the best talent and experience and have the ability to overcome any complex challenges in the least time possible. They have their workflows and polished custom software development processes of a workplace to build a project from scratch.

We all know that every software development service provider has its own strengths and weaknesses. But when you choose the dedicated team project structure, it will help you to get the best developers team across the global market according to your project needs. Despite this, these people have already worked on a similar project before, so they can give useful advice and guide you well without missing the tiniest details about the project.

7. High scalability

As we mentioned earlier, a dedicated development team is suitable for a long-term project where the requirements are complex and cannot be accomplished by your in-house team. If required, you can hire more developers and extend your team to fill the gaps and focus on achieving the common goal.

8. Effective communication

Communication is the key to success. Interacting with your team members can help you to achieve success faster. When you choose to work with a dedicated software development team model, make sure to communicate on a daily basis because here you’re working with a team that you have never met before. As a rule, a dedicated team of developers has several premade groups that suit perfectly each term of technical knowledge. They already have some experience in working on a project together, and that’s why their workflows are well-established. So if you plan to hire a ready-made dedicated team of developers, you are not required to worry about personal and communication issues, because they will take care of it and won’t let the work’s quality affect it.

9. Continuous integration

To achieve great success, the project should never stop evolving such as adding new features and functionalities and refining the existing ones. And it is more important with B2B eCommerce platforms because, for them, UX is one of the vital aspects to generate conversions. When you hire dedicated software developers, your project will evolve and grow. Your team needs to keep intact and your entire project will transform to the next level without scaling the team and setting up another team to support your project.

10. Offers focus and adaptability

Lastly, one of the major benefits of hiring a dedicated team is the focused approach. You have a team of professional and experienced developers who work exclusively on your project without any distractions. This can increase focus and generates more diverse insights into the possible solutions. Not only this, a DTM also offers great adaptability and a team structure that can be reconfigured at every stage of the software development life cycle.

As we know that a dedicated model is more focused and works on only one project at a time, its turnaround of the development is also increased which is a plus point for us. They are 100% engaged in your project and guarantee you to provide the best outcomes.

Key Takeaway

If you have made it till now, you must have known that hiring a dedicated development project structure is one of the best approaches that the market recommends. It is the one that you choose if your project is long-term and has complex requirements that your in-house team cannot achieve. The advantages a dedicated team model offers are exceptional and suitable for your project. Naturally, your company has the opportunity to reap the benefits of a dedicated team model and deliver a great product to your users.

We have mentioned all the benefits of a dedicated team model for software outsourcing. It is a budget-friendly practice to extend your in-house team and still get the desired results. The necessity to accomplish your remote software project successfully, we would highly recommend you choose a dedicated team model from a reputable IT services provider.

We hope you find this post useful. If you think that we have missed out on any advantages of a dedicated team model that needs to be mentioned in our list, do comment on it in the box given below.

Do you still have any queries running in your head? Don’t hesitate to ping us in the comment box and we will get back to you soon!


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