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5 Ways To Get More Hot Leads


As a small business owner, you know being able to get more leads for your business and then turn those leads into sales is what will keep your business growing year after year. However, with so much competition for customer attention and dollars, getting the leads you need can sometimes be more difficult than you imagined. If you are determined to get more hot leads for your business, here are five ways to achieve your goal.

Facebook Ads

These are considered to be one of the best ways for small businesses to generate leads. Facebook ads can let you advertise on social media in a very targeted way. By using this method, you can create and place an ad that is based on your target demographic’s age, location, interests, and many other factors.

For example, if you operate out of Kansas City, KS you can target your ads to be only shown in that region. Or if your product is solar panels, you can target people that own homes or have a certain income. Whatever you choose, make sure to tailor your targets to your audience. Targeted advertising has a powerful effect on the customer. If targeted right, it can reach the right person at the right time and lead to an immediate sale.

Personalized Email

If you conduct a personalized email marketing campaign, you will be making a smart decision. When individuals get personalized emails from businesses, research has shown these emails are opened up at a rate that is six times higher than non-personalized emails. By simply adding a person’s name to the email, chances are you will also add more profits to your business.

To make a personalized email, you will need to find a mail merging software that works for you. A mail merging software will do all the heavy lifting. It can replace names and addresses so that your emails take but a moment. Just write most of the email, then use the software to change the names and send them out.

Outsourcing Outreach

One option is to turn to another business to help you generate your leads. Lead generation services help you find more leads rapidly, and at scale. Some businesses have hundreds of years of collective experience, so if you need extra help, don’t be afraid to outsource.

There are many companies out there that can help you generate leads. In order to find the right one, make sure you carefully vette them. Look for companies that have multifaceted approaches. The more avenues that they trod, the more leads you will get. Another thing to do is to make sure that they can meet your budget. You don’t want a disagreement there.


While you may think an e-book needs to be hundreds of pages in length, that is not the case at all. In fact, an e-book can be only a few pages long. However, if it contains information that potential customers want to have about your business, it will be a great way to get more hot leads. Once your e-book is ready, gate the content online. By doing so, potential customers will only be able to access it by giving you their contact information.

E-books are great because they add value to your business. Customers are smarter than ever these days, so make sure you don’t use half-measures.  Make sure your e-book really helps the customer. The “free” value it adds will be seen as a reason to buy from your company. The more a customer has to read about your product, the more excited they will become.

Referral Partnership

Finally, consider establishing referral partnerships with businesses that are closely related to the products or services you provide. After all, if customers like dealing with one business, being referred to your business by someone they already know and trust will probably mean a lead will soon turn into a sale.

For instance, a bookstore may consider partnering with a local coffee shop. You could find ways to reward people who came from the coffee shop or are going to the coffee shop. Either way, this solution will help drive business in both directions.

Once you begin using any or all of these five ways to generate leads, it will be no time at all until you have more business than you can handle. Remember to cater the methods to your business. If you own a bakery, you probably don’t need an e-book, but you would benefit from a Facebook campaign.  So carefully consider these tactics and see what is the best fit for your business.


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