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5 Ways To Make Art Better Using Technology


Ways To Make Art Better Using Technology

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Upon reading the title of this article, you would’ve thought about how technology and art coincide? There’s absolutely no scope for that…!! But, there is. Also, it’s possible to make art better using technology. Technology can help you get a bigger picture of how to make art, more precisely, how not to make art. Here are the top five ways to make art better using technology.

Creation Driven By Audience:

Creation Driven By Audience

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There might be only some of the artists that create art not destined to sell. Other than those people, for most of the artists, making art and selling it is their bread and butter. Now if someone is about to do art marketing without even knowing the audience sentiments, how likely is their art to become a good seller?

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That’s the prime place where technology helps creators know what their audience loves or might love, and inspire them to make pieces that sell.

With better artificial intelligence, and easy to interpret data, it’s easy for artists to understand what people don’t like and they can skip working on those particular pieces.

But how can an artist get all this useful data? A simple answer to this is – Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform. Even big players in the industry, like museums and well-known art galleries, are using Instagram stories to ask their audience what they like and what they don’t. So, why shouldn’t you?

Digital Drawing:

Introduction of digital drawing tools like tablets and digital pencils

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Earlier, artists used physical tools like pencils, paints, brushes, etcetera to draw. That had a great margin for error. Your hand might slip, and you might end up damaging the whole art piece.

With the introduction of digital drawing tools like tablets and digital pencils, it’s easier than ever to undo your mistakes on the canvas. You just need to press a button, and your latest strokes will disappear. It precisely is making art better by adding a lot to the precision to the canvas.

Besides it, using such tools would also help discover and master tough strokes which were unable to perform earlier. And as practice makes an artist perfect, having a digital canvas would be a more sorted option than any other method.

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DIY Stencils:

This way, digital technology and the internet have a major role in instilling creativity and art marketing.

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Talking about a decade ago, as an artist, if you wanted to make art with a stencil, you hardly had any option.

Apart from not being customizable, they are also a bit more expensive than other art forms.

With the introduction of technology to art, artists can digitally create their artistic design into a stencil.

There are many online forums and places to discuss digital art for different artists; here are some of them – Behance & Dribbble.

Accessing all these platforms that help you create your stencils and let you share them is possible only with sound technology.

This way, digital technology and the internet have a major role in instilling creativity and art marketing.

Apart from that, artists around the world are using social media for marketing their art effectively. Now, artists can even hold a live gallery watch over their social handles.

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Absolute Detailing

Introduction of technology to artists, they can now make art with much more detailing than ever before.

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With the introduction of technology to artists, they can now make art with much more detailing than ever before. May it be photography, creating visual art, 3-D drawings or anything else, extreme detailing is now just a button away.

Designers can now use applications like Adobe Illustrators, Adobe Photoshop, and much more for detailing their art. Apart from that, they can also use tablets, digital drawing pads, and digital pencils to draw accurately and in full-symmetry.

In the past, artists had to make colours manually and then use them to get their drawings live. But today, with the digitization of art platforms, artists can choose from hundreds of colours, hues, mixes, and whatnot. This enables artists to make art just the way they imagine it in their head.

Now there’s hardly any colour that artists cannot use in their art.

3D Pens For Futuristic Art

With absolute positive technological volatility in the art world, often technology and art overlap each other.

Nowadays, many artists try their creativity in making art with new-age 3D pens. Along with 3D pens, artists can now also use 3D printers to turn their 2D art into 3D.

What’s more interesting is the fact that millennials are loving 3D art. These types of prototypes get viral over social media as well.

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These were just five ways of so many ways that technology is transforming how art is made, interpreted, and even seen. From audience-centric creation to using technology as art itself, everything was covered above. Do you know any other ways in which technology is transforming art? Let us know…!!


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