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How To Gain Customer Loyalty With SMS Marketing


Gain Customer Loyalty With SMS Marketing
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Marketing is a significant part of your business. Without it, there’d be no strategy to expand your customer base and revenue. The way your business succeeds would partly depend on your marketing strategy, which is why it’s not something to be taken lightly. With this said, SMS marketing is one of the most underrated forms of marketing that is often overlooked.

According to statistics, only 39% of businesses incorporate text messaging into their marketing strategy to communicate with customers. In the following, we’ll be discussing how you can gain customer loyalty with SMS marketing.

Advantages of Using SMS Marketing to Achieve Customer Loyalty

1. Texting is Immediate

Everyone has access to their phones, which means that it’s the easiest way to communicate with customers. In the United States alone, 77% of the entire population owns a smartphone, making smartphones a necessity. We currently live in the digital era, and we’ve adjusted to the technological advancements surrounding us.

Texting is more convenient than social media platforms because you don’t need an internet connection to use SMS marketing as your strategy. This reduces your chances of technical difficulties getting in the way of reaching out to your customer.

Texting is the most traditional form of communication, existing even before the age of social media. With one text, you can reach your customer on a more personal level. This is especially true with time-sensitive issues like updates on product deliveries or flash sale alerts. Compared with other marketing strategies like email marketing, it takes approximately 90 seconds to respond to a text.

2. Texting is Personal

In the age of social media as a form of communication, text messages are still far more personal. Achieving customer loyalty revolves around building a long-lasting professional relationship with your customers.

Statistics show that loyal customers spend approximately 67% more than new customers, while 82% of businesses agree that customer retention saves them from costs compared to acquisition. These statistics prove that loyal customers make the majority of your revenue.

By incorporating SMS marketing into your marketing strategy, you’re closer to achieving customer retention than in other forms of marketing. The same way you feel personal when someone chooses to send a text your way, the concept also applies to marketing.

3. Texting is Versatile

There are no prerequisites to using text messages. Unlike other marketing strategies, you don’t need to download an app or have an internet connection to communicate with your customers. What you see is precisely what you get with SMS marketing, which makes it a convenient and efficient choice for your business.

No matter what demographics your target market is part of, texting is the primary form of communication that everyone has access to. Since it’s versatile and simple, clients won’t feel as if it’s complicated to reach your business, and they’ll find your brand approachable.

Whether it’s for promotions, advertisement, or information, SMS marketing can do the job. Most importantly, SMS marketing is the strategy that can help you cut back on costs while still expanding your business.

Tips for Customer Retention through SMS Marketing

1. Make Things Exclusive

Customers want to feel special, and that’s the entire premise of why SMS marketing is so effective. When texting your customers about certain discounts and promotions, make it as personal as possible, such as knowing their first name or claiming that the discount only applies to mobile users. This increases the chances of your customers going back to your business every time you reach out to them.

2. Be Concise and Clear

The thing about SMS marketing is that you don’t need to treat it like content marketing, where you exert effort in thinking of an engaging caption or image to attract your audience. When you text message your customers, be as clear and concise as possible because the last thing you want is a misunderstanding.

If it’s a promotion or flash sale, make sure they get the message directly and avoid using phrases where you need to read between the lines.

3. Choose the Perfect Timing

Timing is everything when texting your customers, and you must choose the perfect window of opportunity for this. For instance, if your business is in the food and beverage niche, the best time to text customers on promotions is before lunch or dinner hours, so that’s 11 a.m. or 5 p.m.

Otherwise, if you choose the wrong time to, your customer may ignore your text altogether. Weekends are also advisable times to send an SMS marketing message to your customers due to their availability.

Wrapping Up

SMS marketing is still an effective marketing strategy to use in your businesses to achieve customer loyalty and customer retention. The majority of your revenue is from loyal customers, which is all the more reason why your marketing strategy should be inclined on keeping them.

Despite being in the modern digital era, SMS marketing is still thriving because not only is it cost-efficient, but it’s also convenient and accessible. Customers appreciate feeling special, and by sending a text their way, there’s a tendency that they’ll feel like they’re more than just a customer to your brand.

Be wary of exclusivity, timing, and clarity when sending messages, as these three things can completely affect the SMS marketing strategy of your business.

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