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Top 10 Designer Interior Trends of 2022


Interior design is the central idea behind the entire stylization of any space, be it residential, commercial, official, or entertainment. Designer interior acts like a thread, binding together all the design elements and giving a functional central character to the space. From color to pattern, space designing to cohesive idea, here are few top designer interior trends, which are going to dominate the stylebook this year.

Designer Interior Trends

1. Warm Colors

Color always play a crucial role in any interior, evoking emotions and setting the tone and mood of the space. In 2022, warm color tones are making a huge comeback replacing the previously popular cooler shades. All shades of reds, like tangerine and orange, are leading the designer interior color trend this year, while warmer palettes like brown, beige, and similar earthy tones are also in-demand this season.

2. Monochrome Palette

Another color choice for the latest designer interior trend is the monochrome palette, which embraces the classic elegance of black and white finish. Offsetting a black or dark colored wall with bright white or matted neutral shade furnishing can create a chic styling. On the other hand, dark window frames, lighting fixtures, furniture details and decorative objects on the backdrop of a light-colored wall is also popular choice.

3. Curvy Pattern

Clear straight lines and smart boxy edges were previously staple in the interior design trend. But now, this is being replaced with comfortable smooth edges and casual curvy patterns, to bring out a cozy, organic, homely feeling. While attractive shapes like a circular mirror, furniture, artwork, etc. are becoming the attractive center-pieces, puffy sofas, comfy chairs, throw cushions, etc. are defining the in-demand choice of cozy and casual vibe in interior styles.

4. Maximalist Style

Maximalist décor is big as far as 2022 designer interior style trend goes, where bright colors, clashing prints, and alluring patterns are taking the center stage. Beginning as a style-statement to counter minimalism, this maximalist pattern is now gaining more and more popularity every day, with bold, vibrant, and attention-arresting statement pieces.

5. Concrete Accents

The accessible and versatile material of concrete is now being used in more unexpected and interesting ways, rather than for common floors and countertops. With concrete pendant lighting, furniture, and other décor accents, the current designer interior trend encourages us to use concrete in more innovative ways than just as a surface material. Concrete accents can be matched with both bright warm colors and dark moody tones to create a unique stylish space.

6. Statement Ceilings

Highlighting the ceiling of a room instead of walls is one of the top 2022 designer interior style trends. With bold colors and attractive patterns, statement ceilings can instantly elevate any space. Painted art or mirror fixtures can be used to bring an instant change to the feel of a room, making the ceiling the center of attraction. This latest interior style trend delivers an interesting look by adding a fun quirky angle to any space.

7. Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Designer interior trends in 2022 are taking a eco-friendlier approach, where nature is being brought into indoor spaces with natural or lookalike elements and warm tones. As a basic, natural wood or bamboo is being incorporated everywhere, from walls to ceilings, and floorings to countertops. Then, stones like granite, marble, and even pebbles are being used to accentuate the space. Lastly, handcrafted goods and décor elements made from real or faux natural materials complete such interior style.

8. Flexible Spaces

Purposefully designated rooms are meant for big houses and days gone by. Nowadays, flexible spaces are providing more budget-friendly, space-saving and multi-functional options. This designer interior style is most useful for people living in smaller spaces, allowing them to make the most of their available spaces. Utility-oriented fixtures, sleek designs, folding or wheeled furniture, clever use of corners, etc. are the key elements of designing a flexible interior.

9. Sustainability

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, it’s only logical that the recent designer interior trends would be centered on sustainability. Eyeing to minimize environmental impact, eco-friendly and recycled elements are hugely in-demand. Local thrift stores are also blooming in this scenario, by offering a variety of recycled and secondhand items, fit for any aesthetic choice.

10. Smart Technology

The designer interior trend of 2022 reflects modern technological progression as well. Smart and autonomous technology has brought about a new wave of home assistance appliances and electronics. They need clever spacing to be accommodated and sleek designing to catch the eye. And the recent interior styles are rapidly changing to encourage and incorporate such futuristic ideas.

Interior design is a creative process, which turns even the blandest of spaces into something meaningful. And the recent designer interior style trends are proof of that. Now it’s time to let your imagination run free!


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