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How to buy a TV?


Oh, what would the world be like if there were no TVs?

Well, life would have seemed a little boring!

TVs come in a variety of designs, sizes, prices, and most important specifications.

At Shoptroniks, there is more than ever to choose from the variety. Find the perfect TVs to meet all your expectations.

Whether it’s movie night or a reality show time or festive game nights, TV delivers more than entertainment. You can buy TV Accessories like audio and video equipment from Shoptroniks for all the home electronic needs.

Which Television is the best for you?

Now TVs do not come in one size and of course, one size does not fit all. Are you confused about which size is appropriate for your home? Or how much should you invest on a TV?

With so many options available in the market, and the technological advancements increasing each day, isn’t it kind of tempting to buy the most expensive and the most technologically advanced TV?

Whether you are buying your first TV or upgrading to a better one, it has become much easier than in earlier times. The world of online shopping has made purchasing quick and easier. Just like the way you buy clothes and groceries online; one can buy a TV too online and Shoptroniks is the place where you can find your choice of TVs.

I’m sure you all must have heard about smart TV. And I’m sure a percentage of the public would be having one as well. With a lot of brands offering this feature in TVs these days, a lot of people are pondering on the thought of whether they should be investing in one such type or not. Well, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

TVs are progressively sold based on resolution, connectivity, and other smart features that you will need soon. A high-definition smart TV gives you easy access to online content, runs various apps, and displays high-definition video. Reforming to a smart TV to watch movies, series, and shows on varied OTT channels without the need for cable services is a big-time evolution in the television industry.

In a smart TV, you can play games or connect any of your devices like a smartphone, laptop, etc. So it’s not important how many apps are present on the TV but what kind of relevant apps are present. The google play application can be entirely loaded onto your TV. This would help you access a whole list of apps that would be optimized for TV viewing. The special high-paid content can be streamed over the internet easily on your smart TV.

Are you wondering what size TV is the best to buy?

Way back in 1997, TV screen sizes were close to 22 inches. And with advancements in technology and with the image quality and size growing bigger and bigger, the television screen size reached a mammoth size of 85 inches. From the countertop models of 32 inches

Did anybody tell you that screen sizes are not measured diagonally, instead they are measured horizontally?

The size of the television screen also depends on the amount of viewing space you have. If you invest in a large size television, you will notice the pixels start breaking, thus spoiling the viewing experience. The entire screen size does not mean the TV size. These days most of the TVs have a bezel frame surrounding the TV display and are getting slimmer each day and less bulky too. But do remember to keep your room space in mind or measure the space available for the TV space. Do not assume that bigger is costlier!

How important are TV accessories?

TV accessories are equally important in the process of buying a TV. the Tv accessories at Shoptroniks give the minimal aesthetic look for your living room. Having a good TV wall mount is important.

Tilt wall mounts are a necessity while buying a huge TV especially when you do not have a cabinet below to place it? Be it a Tilt wall mount or a movable TV wall mount, you need to fix the position of the TV accessories before mounting the TV. You can even explore Mirror-Mount Antenna, SiriusXM Home Antenna, or Amplified Indoor FM Antenna from Shoptroniks.

If you are tired of paying a high subscription for TV channels, an outdoor antenna is a perfect choice for you. Whether you are getting the live streaming service or from a satellite dish whether you’re or from a coaxial cable, it’s time to switch to an outdoor tv antenna. The best TV antenna is the Digital Antenna or the outdoor HDTV antenna. If you are in a decent signal area, you can watch the most popular TV shows for free with an antenna and some best digital antenna or best outdoor antenna bring in HD channels with the help of an Outdoor HDTV Antenna.

Which display should I use?

In the current market, there are mainly two kinds of important display technologies i.e LED-LCD (including QLED) and OLED. Based on your viewing habits, you must decide the display type.

Most of the TVs have LCD panels with an LED backlight. They are comparatively affordable than other display options.LCD TVs are preferable when it comes to factors like brightness, durability, and affordability. Their cons include limited viewing angles and controlling the lighting feature due to external light sources.

But if we talk about the QLED feature having the Quantum Dot layer on the screen, it showcases the extra vibrancy of colors.

What Resolution and HDR should be taken into consideration?

There are 3 resolutions that you should choose from

HD (1280 * 720 pixels)

If you are looking for a budget Tv with a decent TV display, this is a good option.

FULL HD (1920 * 1080 pixels)

If you are looking for a cost-effective budget TV with good display resolution, this is the TV you should buy.

4K UHD (3840 * 2160 pixels)

4K UHD is four times sharper than the other variants and produces sharp images. 4K is plummeting now in Netflix, Amazon, and many other sources. We would suggest you buy 4K even if you do not have access to any applications or content especially if you are buying a TV of 50 inches or more.

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Olu Obasanjo

Olu Obasanjo is a CEO of Shoptroniks – home appliances. He is capable of aligning, leading, and growing cross-functional teams and forming professional, diverse teams for a variety of tasks. He is interested in technology, startups, small technology startups, and investment management.


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