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The study of making up for lost time


Global Education: How to Mitigate Loss of Time & Recover Learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to several extraordinary circumstances and disrupted everyday activities. But, while lockdowns and quarantine protocols hit almost all sectors, it’s the education system that was majorly affected and put 1.3 billion students’ futures in jeopardy.

Fortunately, the global education system shifted to remote learning to respond to the current challenge and make up for the missed time.

But in reality, can we truly regain the time we lost? No. Hence, making up for the time lost due to pandemic emergencies requires a collective effort from teachers, students, and parents.

This guide will walk you through the probable strategies teachers, students, and parents can adopt to move forward and create the best learning opportunities to make up for such profound loss.


Global Education System - WHAT TEACHERS SHOULD DO

Reignite Interest for Learning

The unexpected break from school and extracurricular activities has made most students sluggish and unfocused. Therefore, teachers must help students get back to the old routine before teachers pick up the pace of completing the syllabus.

Make Most of Technology

With the advent of technology, millions of have students have averted a massive learning loss. Schools, colleges, and other educators use Zoom, Google Docs, and Whatsapp to connect with students and make up as much as possible for lost time. Teachers can also conduct special classes through these tools to prevent more time loss.

Avoid the Deficit Mindset

Focusing on the losses can invite inappropriate actions and make things more difficult for teachers and students. Even though school buildings are closed, classes are still on. Teachers shouldn’t misjudge their capabilities and students’ brilliance amidst the challenges. Instead, they should figure out ways to make learning fun with different activities.

Instill Time Management Skills

Time management is a prime factor when there’s so much to make up for the lost time. Teachers must take a keen interest in students’ study routines at home. They should educate students on the significance of time management and prepare an effective study routine to organize students’ regular tasks so that students don’t feel overburdened with the workload.

Promote Mental and Physical Well-being

A focus on mental and physical is essential in such trying times to keep everyone safe and connected. Schools must identify what challenges their teachers and students are facing and must provide the necessary support. They must explore new possibilities and empower students to cope with the lagging syllabus with efficiency.

Get Parents on Board

If there’s a time when teachers and parents should work together to help students make up for the lost time, then it’s now. First, teachers can share the study materials with the parents directly. Parents then can guide their wards and make learning more engaging.

Remain Positive & Cheerful

Scolding students, assigning a pile of homework, and constant drilling will only make them detest the subject. The most crucial thing teachers need to do is to be patient with their students. Even if 55% of the syllabus is yet to be completed, teachers should maintain a positive attitude and support students with their learning. Giving students the necessary support and encouragement will help them cover up the missed time much more effectively.


Global Education System - WHAT STUDENTS MUST DO

Learn What’s Expected of You

Missed a couple of lectures? Have pending C++ assignment help to complete? No matter what it is, show interest and know what you need to do. First, go through the entire syllabus and check if you missed a couple of old chapters. Then, connect with your teacher and complete them quickly so that you can stay on par with the regular lessons.

Make Use of the People around You

Sure, the pandemic has restricted us from visiting people frequently, but you can always connect with them over a Zoom call. Schedule extra classes with your teachers and resolve your queries without any hesitation. Whether you need computer science homework help or essay writing help, stay connected with your teachers and tutors to complete the pending tasks.

Follow a Routine to Manage Time

Since you have to make up for the lost time, start by listing out the lessons, assignments, and lectures you’ve missed. Then, chalk out a plan to make time for extra self-study. While allocating time, be realistic with the time. Don’t assign 1 hour when you need at least 4 hours to revise the missed lessons. It will create more confusion and increase your burden.

Stay Motivated

Making up for the lost time is never easy, be it studies, addiction, career, or relationships. Sometimes it gets overbearing and drains you out – mentally, physically, and emotionally. So indulge in positive self-talk and remind yourself why this is important, and get on with it.

Set Goals & Achieve Them

When you have to cover up for the missed and ongoing lessons, setting achievable goals can help you keep track of your progress. And the best way to achieve your goals is to spice them up with attractive rewards and treats. For instance, for completing one chapter in 1 hour, you can set rewards like “an ice cream treat”, “an hour of Money Heist”, or whatever tempts you to complete your target.

Be Sincere

Covering lost time in school is no cakewalk, especially when you have multiple subjects to study. Your teacher needs your honest effort so you both can achieve the common goal: to make up for the missed time and lessons. Therefore, give 100% effort just as your teachers. Organize your notes, experiment with your learning methods, and keep track of time to get desired results.


Global Education System - WHAT PARENTS NEED TO DO

Be a Strong Support

Give children whatever support they need, such as a clean room, fewer household duties, a healthy diet, a quiet case study assignment help environment, and emotional support to keep them motivated to study to recover the lost time.

Be Appreciative

Help learners see why learning is essential, discuss their goals, and get them interested in covering up the pending lessons. Remember, every student has a unique learning capability. No matter how small the achievement it is, be sure to praise their effort and encourage them.

Stay Connected

Since most teachers often rush to complete the syllabus, students may hesitate to interact in the group. Parents should take an interest in their wards’ regular lessons and help them with the study resources. They must communicate with the teachers regularly to analyze their children’s progress.

Be Supportive

Parents shouldn’t push children to go beyond their abilities to cover up the missed school time. Instead of scolding them and drawing comparisons, they must help them understand the benefits of studying the missed lessons.


As we continue to fight against Covid-19 challenges, educators should explore new opportunities to offer students personalized academic support to overcome the learning disruptions and loss of time. In addition, institutions, teachers, and parents should continue to work together to monitor students’ learning and empower them with the right strategies and resources to make up for the lost time without excessive pressure.

Author Bio:

Jenny Johnson is a full-time tutor, part-time blogger and motivational speaker. She has years of experience in teaching and was a faculty member of a reputed college in the US. Jenny is now associated with, where students seek computer science homework help, dissertation writing help, and customized essay help from top subject matter experts.


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