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The Dynamic Shift Streaming Platforms like Prime and Netflix Have on the Indian and Telugu Film Industry


Prime and Netflix Have on the Indian and Telugu Film Industry

The last ten years in the Telugu cinema industry brought out new changes that ensured the sector was reshaped and revitalized. Their first change, which capitalized on the digitalization, emphasizing on the use of a digital medium in shooting and projecting films brought superb improvements to the industry. Based on the new Telugu cinema news 2019, the industry is undergoing an overhaul that will see the explosion of streaming platforms.

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It is a digital era in which internet access has become less complicated and more affordable. Combined with the birth of sites like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime, which enable the streaming of movies, the issue of watching films in the Indian society is still under debate. New Telugu cinema news 2019 has proven that these sites gave filmmakers a reason to pay the high costs to see their fans access and watch content online.

When Did it All Start?

Movie producers noticed the changing waves soon after internet access became easier and cheaper. For instance, Amazon Prime allows filmmakers to stream their movie content before the actual releases. Its usefulness to Telugu movie producers was proven after the industry started getting more few from the US, where they got less than 10%.

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Pricing Issues

Obtaining membership in Amazon Prime in the US will only cost about $12.99 a month. It’s considered a cheap option, compared to spending up to $20-$30 on a single film in theaters. Going along the same lines, Amazon Prime’s subscription cost in India is about Rs. 999 a year, meaning it is quite almost the same. The other most popular and in-demand streaming sites in India include Netflix, Hotstar, Sun NXT, and Zee5. They all have the latest Telugu-language movies, both drama, and action-based.

Has History Repeated Itself?

Just like it was some years ago, the film industry is witnessing dramatic changes that would reshape and improve it for good. Most industry experts from the producer, director, and music sector feel the industry has achieved a lot in the last twenty years. It did change from the standard cassettes to CDs, and then later to caller tunes. Over eleven years ago, most of the profits music producers, songwriters, and singers made came from selling CDs. As the CDs were about to lose their value, iTunes came into place and left real and impressive overhauls. Later, streaming websites like YouTube, Apple Music, Gaana, Spotify and JioSaavn came into the picture, allowing those in the music industry to generate more revenue from ads.

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The film industry has witnessed an almost similar advancement. In some years to come, it is less likely small-medium will ever get a theatrical release. The streaming apps have replaced DVDs and ensured filmmakers could share their content with the available streaming apps.

Are There New Opportunities?

Since YouTube and other streaming apps became so popular, most of those in the Indian music and film industry started realizing the value of getting more subscribers and views. All the filmmakers have invested considerable sums in the top-quality videos highlighted by originality and creativity. The good news, Indian mobile subscribers can now watch Telugu movies for only Rs 199 while Zee5 lets you pay for the content you wish to watch. Hotstar has added lots of amazing content to the site as well, with its newly released feature, Disney+service, in the US. As with Amazon, they have released a pay-per-view system that lets content creators get money from the content they share.

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There are tons of amazing platforms yet to be released, including MX player and Viu. The top Telugu-language movie producers, directors, and production houses have held discussions with the most reputable streaming sites to allow for the sharing of more films. Those in the industry want to earn more, and many streaming sites are helping them make more from their creativity and talent.

What’s the Future Like?

Streaming sites are providing something more than what theaters and other movie showing avenues have ever offered. These sites provide a golden opportunity for filmmakers and writers within the Telugu cinema industry to tell the movie stories in a unique way, helping them to reach a wide range of audience.  Most filmmakers and writers have embraced the enhanced digital tech, and are now reaping from it, but that doesn’t mean they are free from the issues related to getting the right number of screens to release the movies quickly.  The processing of securing a position to original steaming shows has proven a great challenge to many producers and directors. They see it as a great challenge that, if not resolved, could affect their performance and movie production. It is now obvious streaming platforms are taking over all other platforms of watching Telugu movies. All film writers and producers should take up the challenge and start making better films, ideal for the current generation as per their preferences and demands.


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