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The Best Ways To Prevent an Electrical Fire


Numerous things may cause a fire, such as the fire from a stove, a gas leak lit by a flame, or even food cooked for too long. A common source of accidental fire comes from electric fires, which have a higher chance of happening in this modern age of electrical devices and technology. Luckily, there are ways to prevent an electrical fire in your home or building.

Keep the Area Around Outlets Dry

Moisture around electrical outlets is dangerous, as any liquid could get into the outlet and cause a short circuit. Most electrical outlets have a plastic or metal shell covering the areas around them so that steam or large water droplets won’t enter the outlet quickly. But this covering will only do so much to protect it.

Keep the area around the outlet dry, and use a dry rag to wipe up any condensation on the wall for places such as the bathroom. You can buy plastic outlet caps that plug into the outlet to prevent an electrical fire.

Keep Wires Along the Walls and Untangled

You use wires every day to power machines and devices, so you mustn’t damage or break them. A damaged wire will lead to a possible fire due to the electricity that arcs from one part of the wire to the next. If the electricity crosses a flammable object, a fire will start that will spread to other electronics, thus creating more fires.

To keep your wires safe, place them along the wall as low as they will go to keep them out of the way of something falling or someone stepping on them. Use electrical tape to secure them if they begin to stick out. Ensure that all wires are straight and untangled to decrease the chance of any wire malfunctions.

Don’t Plug In Multiple Devices

The overload of power from an electrical outlet to multiple electrical sources may cause a power surge that will make sockets spark and burn. To prevent this power surge and an electrical fire, limit the number of devices plugged into an outlet. The outlet will only supply a specific amount of power for a sustained time before a power surge occurs.

Electrical fires are dangerous for everyone, and we should avoid them as much as possible. Use these methods to ensure a safe environment with minimal risks of fires.


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