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7 ways in which technology has changed the way we travel


Imagine traveling by zero access over Google maps, hotel booking, and flight and train reservation apps. Even the absence of something as necessary as reading travel blogs or websites. Technology has gone under a massive transformation to the way the world works. Things have become more solvent, convenient, and secure. A click of a button, and booking a car, ordering food, medicines, and groceries or even booking a hotel – everything is right at our doorstep. Also, when it comes to traveling, technology has taken a huge leap forward.  In recent times, traveling has become more convenient, user-friendly, and cost-effective. They act as useful guidance to us – all travelers. Read the seven means and methods in which today’s technology has changed the way we travel.

• User-friendly travel plans

From booking a flight ticket, to reserve a hotel room – planning for a holiday has become much comfortable. It is as easy as having a pie! Apart from loads of information related to travel, the entire travel process has turned out to be more convenient. Many travel websites, like,, and various others instantaneously show us the best and the pocket-friendly stay-over, sight-seeing packages, and rental cars with an attached universal roof rack for hiking/camping adventure layouts. Most of these sites also show the affordable, user-friendly, and cost-effective airport parking near the main gates. You do not have to drive around the corners in search of parking your vehicle. Also, the reviews from other customers make your experience a hassle-free one.

While booking any accommodations, we usually log in to either Airbnb or Within a few minutes, we can book our rooms. These sites’ have loads of personalized recommendations and genuine reviews, therefore, save us from sorting through heaps of reviews.

• Online travel tickets

It is a win, win situation. With the aid of technology, traveling has transformed into an eco-friendly one. A snap of a finger and we get our flight tickets, sitting at home! We can download and print the travel tickets, boarding passes, train reservation tickets, hotel bookings, and many other travel-related things directly onto our smartphones. Earlier, we had to wait for weeks or sometimes months to pick up the flight tickets from the travel agents. Postal services were also too slow to deliver them on time. Today’s eco-friendly mode of getting hold of our airline tickets have transformed the entire travel scenario. It saves the hassle of carrying multiple travel documents and also is supportive of the environment.

• Online travel visas

Getting the travel visa, after applying for the same, was a complicated task. The entire process was quite time-consuming. We often had to visit the foreign embassy that we wanted to visit for the collection of the related paperwork. Modern technology has sped up things substantially over the last few years. We can now apply online for our travel visas, irrespective of any country we want to visit. With the trimmed down response time, last-minute travel has turned out to be a viable option.

• Capturing travel moments

Nowadays, all thanks to technology, we can quickly obtain our travel moments to create beautiful memories. We relive each moment later. After back home from a memorable vacation, we sift through these photos by bringing back the specific moments. Whether we do deep-sea diving or trek to witness the sunrise at Mt Everest, we can quickly turn around time and reminiscence. These photographs tell stories of our good old holiday times.

• Currency cards

The invention of currency cards has assisted the travel industry in the last few decades. Gone are the days when we arrived at the airport with our laden purses full of notes. Today, we have to transfer the money from the bank account onto the travel card or forex card before we travel. We have ready access and pay for all the items in a similar way, which we do in our hometown.

• Virtual directions

 virtual navigation apps have made life easy for travelers.

Earlier, it was a common sight among tourists roaming around the countryside with a confused look on their faces. With the aid of Google maps, the scenario has changed. Things have become easy for us tourists. Instead of asking the locals for directions, we can quickly type our travel location and reach the same by following the accurate guidance. The virtual navigation apps have made life easy for travelers. Their various tour guide maps act as the perfect guiding light.

• Sound interaction

Back in the days, while traveling or vacationing in foreign countries, we had pocket-dictionaries with us. With the aid of the same, we can quickly navigate through the pages, in trying to decipher the actual meaning of the native languages. With desperate hope, we decided to string a semi-coherent sentence together while communicating with the local people. Also, when we met somebody, we exchanged e-mail addresses and kept a scrap of paper, too perfectly – in case we lose it! The advent of technology and a click of a button, help us getting all these things on a platter.  Smartphones and the various applications now do all this work for us. The numerous high-end translation apps efficiently interpret any spoken or written foreign language into English, in a fraction of seconds. Moreover, courtesy Instagram, Facebook, and Google, we stay in touch with our dear ones and connect with people all over the world. Many apps, like Meetup and Couchsurfing, allows us to communicate with the other travelers and local people of the travel destination.

Technical way-out

The good old days are gone when we have to plan every trip meticulously. With smartphones in our pocket and a stable Wi-Fi connection, nothing is impossible in today’s era. Celebrating this with the above-discussed seven ways throws light upon technology that is up roaring the travel market.

Alice is a food lover, marketer, travelling, blogger and a wife. By profession a digital marketing scholar by choice and tech-savvy. She is much loving to connect new people, talking, discuss about new ideas. She also keep searching new things around.


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