The Top 5 Approaches to Travel from Denver to Vail


The Bavarian-style hill town of Vail is found right off I-70 which is only less than 100 miles from Denver, and there are numerous ways to get within Colorado’s capital city and this dearest ski town.

In winter, there are direct flights from some 14 cities on American Airlines, yet in summer, these choices drop to just Denver and Dallas, and only Denver has flights all year. Additionally, flights will, in general, be increasingly expensive. Most travelers select to fly into Denver International Airport and afterwards travel via land to Vail.

From Denver, it is just a two-hour drive to Vail, depending on weather and traffic. You can also take a shuttle or private car service or even bounce on public transport from the Mile High City if you are not interested in driving yourself.

Indeed, how you pass the Front Range of the Rocky Hills separating Denver from Vail will rely upon your resources and travel priorities. In any case, if you appreciate checking out stunning scenery on road trips, we prescribe making the journey either via Denver to Vail limo or Denver to Vail shuttle.

From Denver to Vail by Limo Transfer

For VIP, skip the rental car, and book a Denver to Vail limo from Denver International Airport directly to your hotel in Vail. Denver to Vail limo transfer keeps your stress level at a minimum since they’ll meet you inside the airport terminal, assist you with getting your bags to the vehicle, and afterwards take you up to the mountains in a stylish luxury limo. You also won’t need to share the drive with anybody outside your group, and you’ll have the option to play music over Bluetooth en-route.

All the drivers are Colorado residents, and passengers get urged to ask them questions about the zone. You’ll also have a choice of drinks and stuff for the ride. If you have to stop for a bathroom break, just ask.

From Denver to Vail by Shuttle    

Another choice, if you would prefer not to drive yourself, however, would prefer not to rampage for a private service, is to take the Denver to Vail shuttle. Numerous companies are doing multiple daily transfers in small vans among DIA and most Vail territory hotels and resorts. The Denver to Vail shuttle can seat up to 10 individuals and withdraw as often as possible in the two directions.

The trip takes just more than two hours. The vans are comfortable at the same time, depending on your drop-off order, which will, in general, take a bit longer than the private vehicle transfers where just your party is riding.

From Denver to Vail via Car

Parking in Vail is costly, and except you are staying in one of the remote towns like Edwards or Eagle, running yourself to Vail may actually be less beneficial and pricier than taking one of the shuttle options mentioned previously.

This is because Vail Village itself is car-free, so you’ll need to leave in a ton or at your hotel. There is also a free public transport system, with busses that run every now and again among East and West Vail, Vail Village, and Lionshead, which are the place most of the accommodation and dining options get found and where you’ll find the ski lifts.

If you are staying in one of the outlying towns, or you need to investigate outside of Vail; at that point, driving a car makes sense, and it is quite easy.

Rental cars can be obtained at Denver International Airport or from various outlets around the city community, depending on your starting point. The journey is about 100 miles and a straight shot on I-70 westbound – you can see Vail on the left-hand side of the highway reaching over Vail Pass. It takes fewer than two hours, except you run into climate or traffic jam conditions. Note that if you are traveling on I-70 during the weekends in the ski season, you are likely to experience significant traffic. This extent is house to some of the best ski hotels in Colorado. There is an alternative for a toll lane that runs lightly faster for parts of the driveway.

It is essential to realize when renting a car in winter that Colorado has severe winter driving traction laws. These go live when it snows heavily, and when they are in actuality, you will just have the option to drive a car that gets equipped with either 4WD or all-wheel drive or wintertime driving tires or, in some cases, both. Attempting to drive without is both unsafe and illegal – the penalties are high if you get detected.

From Denver to Vail by Bus

The cheapest method to get among Denver and Vail is to take public transportation. This option costs just $17 every way.

From Union Station in downtown Denver, you will take the CDOT West Line bus (departs twice daily at 7 am and 5:40 pm) west to the Vail Transportation Center. The trip takes just 2.5 hours. From here, you can walk or catch the free Vail bus to a stop close to your hotel. If you are staying more remote, you may need to book an Uber or Lyft to your hotel or resort from the bus stop.

From Denver to Vail via Air

You can also fly between Denver International Airport (DIA), which is around 35 minutes west of Vail. There are direct flights on American Airlines. In winter, these direct flights work among Eagle and 14 different cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and New York.

In summer, notwithstanding, there are just direct flights between Eagle-Vail and Dallas, and in the fall and spring swing seasons, American drops the flight options to only Denver (despite the fact that you can interface through Denver from about anyplace).

So, these were the top five approaches you can use to get from Denver to Vail. All these are very much self-explanatory, and therefore you will enjoy every inch of your trip. So don’t wait and start your adventure.


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