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The Digital Marketing Interview: Getting Your Approach Right


The digital marketing field or industry is growing at breakneck speed, so there are many career and job opportunities in the field or industry of digital marketing.

Many students wonder how to pass an interview and get their desired job. The most crucial thing for a marketer is that they must be good at presenting their ideas and views in front of others in simplicity and be quick to strategize for a certain topic or concept.

It is also necessary that they must be aware of the latest digital marketing trends and updates, and they have to be updated with these.

One of the most common and popular questions I always hear from people going for interviews, especially those who are giving interviews for the first time, is how they can or will be able to ace an interview and get that particular job that they want for ages.

While interviewing is not an exact science, we hear from candidates or aspirants. Some of our tips have helped them land the best interviews, almost always leading to a job offer or getting selected for the next round of interviews.

The key point of our advice is that the more the candidates or aspirants of the interview practice, the better they will perform on the day of their interview. But the question that arises here is what does this actually connect and mean definitely for candidates or aspirants applying for digital marketers?

Key Areas For Focusing On In An Interview

While conventional or habitual interviews are still largely normal cases, a recent Global Recruitment Report shows that informal soft skills meetings and assessments are increasingly used to assess and evaluate candidates’ suitability for the job.

Also, and remarkably for artificial intelligence, digital marketers will come into play. There will be no surprise if, in the near future, we start seeing chatbots that are conducting interviews on behalf of companies or businesses interviewer.

As a marketer, you will be required to be good at presenting your thoughts, views, and ideas, thinking quickly, and being well-rehearsed and confidently speaking.

Also, if you have a good digital marketing Course, then you will feel pretty confident.

You should also be ready with your proper research of the industry or field for pressing to keep an eye on your field or industry competitors and trends of the industry or the field that you can bring into the conversation.

I have seen and talked to various people every day who are going for career-defining interviews, so I understand very well what is expected from a potential employee of a business.

Drawing on my years of experience and knowledge, I’ve mentioned in detail some of the most crucial key areas that need to be focused on to land your dream job in any business or company.

1. Knowing Your CV And Memorizing It Like A Story:

Interviews always start with a candidate’s resume or a CV. Candidates’ CV or resume is the story of their story. So, as you, as a candidate for an interview, go through your career story, you have to pick the highlights from your career story that you especially want to talk about in front of an interviewer that is relevant to the position you’re applying for.

It could be a simple story of your career about what prompted and inspired you to get into the industry or field of digital marketing, or it can be something definite about the position or place you are applying for.

The best candidates or aspirants of the interviews do this for every interview they have been applying for – like tailoring their resume for the position they are aiming for.

Knowing your resume or CV inside and out will be crucial to the inevitable questions you will be asked about, including: The interviewer can ask about yourself and your or your family’s background and about your career and life achievements.

When Lonne Jaffe, senior advisor to the board of Syncsort company, which is a software-based company or you can say a business, was asked how he usually hires employees for the company, the reply we got from him is, “I would ask the candidate to consider the successes, challenges, and responsibilities. Their main character and tell this story partly because I wanted to see how better or good they were at telling stories.

Another helpful technique is that you can write 6 to 9 points in bullet around or below each role that is listed in your resume or CV. Think of some relevant examples you could use during the interview, and allow three to four minutes of speaking time for each role. In general, continuing discussions take about fifteen to twenty minutes in an interview.

2. Showing Your Achievements:

While a CV or resume is essential, it’s important to be able or capable of speaking about your experiences in front of the interviewer and bringing your accomplishments to life. This is your chance to emphasize your accomplishments and discuss something that you might not have included in your resume or cover letter.

In any situation of interview, candidates or aspirants sitting in front of the interviewer will be asked to share their professional achievements.

This can be a career-defining moment for these candidates, or it could be their top three best achievements of their life’s highlights. These candidates should try adding color to their example and take the opportunity to show off some of the skills the interviewers might be looking for.

3. Demonstrating The Reason Behind Why The Candidate Wants This Job:

The last question in an interview that tends to be asked by the interviewer to a candidate at the end of a candidates interview is: “Why does the candidate want this position or job” or “Why the candidate want to work for this particular company?”

Nonetheless, there are 2 different parts to this question asked by the interviewer: why & because.

While any candidate can explain or answer why they want a job or any particular job, not everyone can demonstrate why. For example, “I would love to have the chance to take on this exciting role or position” meets the why factor but says, “I would love to have the opportunity or chance to take on this exciting position, and I’m the right person for this role because I have X years of experience, skills and a proven best track record in YYY” really shows why the candidate is a good fit for this position or role.

This is also a time to show off a few of the research you’ve done about the business or the company. The best way to do this is to incorporate it into your own skill set instead of just spewing out company or business information.

4. Asking The Right Question At The End Of An Interview:

As the interview pulls out to a close or end, ask two or three really good questions for the interviewer taking your interview at the end. This is one of the leading grounds on which candidates do well and leaves a lasting impression on the interviewers.

It’s best to consider the questions related to your position in the company or business. Some good examples of these types of questions are mentioned below:

1. Who can be the perfect person for this position, and how do I collate?

2. How would you define the corporate culture?

3. What challenges will I likely face in this role?

4. What are the developmental and growth prospects?

5. What are this position’s most enjoyable and least enjoyable aspects?

6. Six months from now, how do you know I’ve succeeded in this position?


If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to ace the interview. Remember, joining an institute such as The Thought Tree for digital marketing course helps.

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