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A Helpful Guide: How to Transfer Google Drive Folder to Another Account?


Summary: If your Google Drive storage has full, then you get unable to store any necessary files in it. Now, if you are looking for a solution to transfer Google Drive folder to another account easily. Stay tuned with this article here, we will provide the manual techniques which will help you to solve the mentioned issue. If you want an instant solution go with the Cigati Google Drive Migration Tool, which gives you a direct way to migrate G Drive data to another G Drive account.


G Suite comes up with many productive features which are so useful from a personal or business perspective uses. Some of them are Google Drive, Photos, Gmail, etc., and all of these provide a storage space of 15 GB to store your data items like Photos, Videos, Documents, and many more. At a time, your Google Drive’s storage gets full, as a result users start facing issues like Google Drive not working on desktop. Therefore, you need to shift your Google Drive data to another account.

There may be also other reasons, i.e., some important files in your shared G Drive account, and you want to transfer them to your personal Google Drive account. Similarly, it becomes needy to transfer Google Drive folder to another account. Now, move to the next part to perform the manual solution for completing the given task.

Manual Method to Move Google Drive Folder to Another Account

In this manual solution section, you will find ways that help you in shifting your data from G Drive to another account. We will use the inbuilt Download & Upload and a direct Sharing method in Google Drive as solutions, so consider the provided steps here to accomplish the piece of work.

Method 1: Download & Upload Method

With this method, you can simply download a file from Google Drive and upload it to the target G Drive account. Here are the steps follow to execute the given task.

  • Go to your G Drive account by typing on the browser.
  • After that, select any file and Right-click on it.
  • Next, hit on Download to save the file on your computer.
  • Thereafter, sign in with your target Gmail account and open Google Drive.
  • Here, hit on the (+) icon and click the File/Folder Upload option.
  • Next, select the downloaded file from your system and hit Open/Upload.
  • Now, you can see the file is successfully uploaded to your desired G Drive account.

Method 2: Direct Share Method

In this method, you can directly transfer your files from one Google Drive account to another by following the steps, which are as follows.

  • Go to your G Drive account and select the file that you want to transfer.
  • After that, Right-click on the file and choose the Share option.
  • Here, provide the account where you want to transfer the file.
  • Then, make sure the access permission is set as Editor and hit Send button.
  • Finally, you have transferred the file successfully. Now, you can check the file by going to that G Drive account.

Using the above manual methods, the task of moving files from one google drive to another is possible. But these methods are easy till when you have a small amount of data in your old G Drive account to share onto a new one. Because you have to perform the same action frequently to do the same task. If you have bulk data in your Google Drive to migrate onto a new account, then you must opt for a direct solution which we are mentioning here.

Transfer Google Drive Folder to Another Account Professionally

Google Drive Migration Tool is only the solution that is capable to answer your question on how to transfer everything from one Google Drive to another. This utility enables you to migrate all your existing G Drive data to a new account in a single go. Additionally, this tool furnishes a simple GUI, which helps the users to perform the given task with ease. Now, let’s go to know the work procedures of the tool.


In this guide, you have seen the possible methods to transfer Google Drive folder to another account in brief. The manual method provides an easy step to finish the mentioned task. But, this is not an efficient technique if you have bulk data in your G Drive to transfer to another. Lastly, we suggest you to going with a professional tool to accomplish the task within no time.

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