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Review: Duplicate Photos Fixer For Android


No matter what’s the occasion, wherever we go, or whatever we eat, we generally click photos or selfies. It’s a trend to click photos and capture memories. We all want to capture our memories as much as we can but the one thing which comes in between is the storage issue. Ever wondered, why our storage fills up so early even when we only take pictures of selfies? The answer is that we tend to click a lot of selfies or photos out of which 60-7-% are similar or duplicates. Yes, you can fix this problem by manually checking, finding, selecting, and deleting those similar pictures. But, don’t you think it’s a time-taking process? Well, I know a specially designed application for your Android phone that automatically detects, finds, and removes similar photos.

Duplicate Photos Fixer is the name of the app which is designed by the Systweak Software. It’s an application which instantly scans and de-clutters your entire photos collection from your Android phone. This app is not only available for Android but also available for Windows, Mac, and iOS as well. This app is an ultimate option for finding and deleting duplicate or similar photos from your internal and external storage. It comes with user-friendly interface which can be used for personal and professional purposes as well.

This application is getting high reviews and ratings from worldwide and it is also been rewards as the “Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac 2021.” In this blog, we have reviewed Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Android. So, let’s get started.

Details of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Product Name: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Developed by: Systweak Software

Latest Version: 1.1.1086.10077

Platforms Supported: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

File Size: 6MB

Supported Languages: 14 Languages which includes Chinese, Japanese, and more

Price: Free (for Android)

Overall Rating: 3.7

Pros & Cons of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro


  • Comes with the fastest scanning engine
  • Users can preview and select photos to delete
  • Comes with a user-friendly interface
  • Compatible with all OS
  • Users can get an organized photos library instantly
  • Helps in reclaiming storage space


  • The free version only works for 15 duplicates

Details of User-Interface

The best part I loved about using Duplicate Photos Fixer is that it comes with simple and a straightforward interface that is completely easy to use and navigate. Moreover, its design is easy, quite attractive, sleek, and intuitive. The home screen guides you throughout the app and asks you to add folders or photos you wish to scan and remove from your Android phone to reclaim the storage space. Overall, the user interface is effortless, especially for a newbie. Consecutively, it can be easily used for professional and personal uses.

Other feature details

The other best part about this app is that it can be used by anyone. We all click pictures and selfies and we all get stuck with duplicate photos and storage space issues. This app helps you in finding and removing duplicate photos from your phone. It is one of the robust tools as it is almost accurate in finding duplicates from your Android phone. Overall, it boosts your phone’s performance, helps in reclaiming storage space, and keeps your device organized.

Complete Details of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Below are some user-oriented info and complete details of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

1.    Comparison Modes

  • Similar Match: Similar Match option helps to remove or delete not entirely duplicate images but they are with similar elements. Users can check and delete according to their preferences.
  • Exact Match: Exact Match helps the users to remove exact duplicate copies of images that are completely duplicated.

2.    Matching Levels

  • High Matching Level: This option helps in positioning the pictures to the extreme right. It helps in reducing the degree of similarity.
  • Middle Matching Level: This Slider position helps in setting the settings as default. Whenever users slide the pointer in the middle, it significantly reduces the degree of similarity.
  • Low Matching Level: This level helps the user to remove those images with a deep level of diversification.

3.    Settings

In the settings option, there are different options from where you can set the application according to your preferences such as:

  • General: From this option, you can select unhide/hide confirmation while using the app like auto-mark, delete, launch, and moving back.
  • Scan Criteria: From this option, you can choose the image file extensions. Users can also switch to different data storage units from here.
  • Exclude Folders: From this option, users can manage their folders for finding duplicates.

4.    Other Parameters

Below are some setting options that users can use for managing the accuracy of scanning and deleting of duplicates photos:

  • Bitmap Size: From this option, users can tweak a similar map option.
  • Time Interval: From this option, users can adjust between the time gap of photos.
  • GPS: From this option, users can coordinate between the embedded photos and can also find duplicates on the basis of geolocation tags.
  • Load Defaults: From this option, users can switch the default settings for finding a selection of similar and duplicate snaps.

How to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Below are the steps to use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

  1. Download, install and launch the application on your Android device.
  2. Begin the process by adding photos or folders from the options button. You can also take the help of the drag and drop feature.
  3. Tap on the “Scan for Duplicates” button for scanning.
  4. Once the scanning process is completed, preview and mark the photos you wish to remove or delete.
  5. After selecting the photos, tap on the delete button.
  6. Voila! That’s it

I hope this blog helps you to understand and get a complete review of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro by Systweak Software on the basis of personal experience. You can also review this app directly from the Google Play Store.

Thanks for reading!


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