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Recommended tips for bloggers to write unique content


According to the recent 2021 statistics, 7.5 million blogs are published on the internet every day. Over 60% of our entire population read blogs every day. The question arises, that how could my blog be distinctive from all 7.5 million blogs? What marketing strategies do I need to apply to gain the maximum number of attention of that 60% of the population? To find the answer, let’s dig into this blog.

Writing a blog is quite a headache, and the words we read in an article, a blog, an essay, all have their own unique background work. That background work includes ideas, thousands of Google searches, brainstorming, editing, and the list goes on. To write a unique blog, you need to double the effort, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The next task is the readers, it can be difficult to pique readers’ interest with effective website content. The majority of website visitors will only stay a few seconds on a page before determining what to do next. The answer to overcoming these odds is good website writing! Well-written, web-optimized content rises to the top of search results and captures the attention of readers.

These are the things which you need to focus on completely, now let’s dig in a little deeper:

Knowing the Audience

Before you start writing, think about who your target audience is. Create material that appeals to your target market’s interests or addresses their concerns. All of your posts don’t have to be about your product or service, but they should all be linked to your industry. Web material is discovered in a variety of ways, including social media sharing, links from other websites, email sharing, and search engines. Even if the text is well-written and helpful, if it is not optimized for search engines, it is unlikely that many people will find it, so that’s why the last option is very crucial.


A blog is nothing without keywords. Keywords are basically the magic beans of a blog’s popularity. Keywords help make your text more useful, interesting, and searchable. To allow both your viewers and the search engines to know what your post is about, use relevant, keyword-rich words in your headlines and throughout your content.

However, if you put too much sugar in a cake, it will eventually become bitter. Keywords are the sugar of the blog, the right amount can do wonders, but more can become poison. Not only will too many keywords turn off your visitors, but keyword stuffing can also result in search engine penalties. Try sticking to a more natural vibe by using keywords more selectively.


As stated earlier, 7.5 million blogs are published each day, so it is nearly impossible to have a completely unique blog. Sometimes your idea matches to some other person, and many times you cannot define the idea in words, and let’s not forget the worst scenario, which is writer’s block. All these problems require some hint, some push, a little bit of fuel to reach the destination, so in this case, paraphrasing is the best option.

Paraphrasing is very easy to use, and websites such as have made paraphrasing much easier. However, too much salt is also never good in any dish, so try to balance everything accordingly.


Visual memories are the strongest memories, so you need to use multimedia tools to make your blog unique. Have you ever noticed while scrolling through a long article, who has pages filled with words and words, and suddenly if you see an image, you will keep looking at it for quite some time, that is because images help us to grasp things more easily.

In this technological era, you could take the help of videos, animations, and images to out-stand your blog. Moreover, a graph can help to communicate with a complicated topic much effectively, rather than the text alone. There are many ways to integrate visuals on your website if you aren’t a graphic designer by trade, and there are also several wonderful programs out there to assist you to produce graphics yourself, such as Canva.

Keeping the Sentences Short & Simple

One big sentence without punctuation will be a huge waste of time for your blog. The reader will soon lose interest to read that long sentence you have written, so always try to keep it short. Many writers don’t focus on this tip, but this is actually the game-changing point, which many do miss.

Over complication makes things worse, so try being simple. Always write those kinds of sentences that can be easily understood by an 8th grader. The majority of web users are in a rush. When extra thought is required to understand your essential ideas, most people will quit your site. Your goal should be to make simple statements.

Social Media 

Who doesn’t know about social media these days, from elders to kids, we all are connected to each other via social media. In addition, social media is nowadays a great platform to showcase your work to billions of people within a second. Use compelling descriptions and a call-to-action to promote each new piece on social media sites and in forums. Because the power of social media depends on sharing, having share buttons on each of your blog entries is essential.

The Headlines

A solid, compelling headline is the best way to get your audience’s attention. Investing the time to design one will help you attract your target audience and increase your readership. Always keep in mind that you just have a few lines to create a huge impact. So don’t undervalue the power of a well-crafted title. Create headlines that are clear, intriguing, and include a variety of keywords. Make sure your Meta descriptions are intriguing and expand on the content of your article to have a fantastic title. Remember that your title and Meta description will appear in search results, so do not underestimate them.


Checking plagiarism is very highly important to create unique content. Many times, intentionally or unintentionally, our wordings match someone else’s words, which can lead to plagiarism faults.

You can check plagiarism from Having 100% unique content is not possible, so you can use 20% to 30% plagiarism in your blog, but if you can reduce the percentage of plagiarism by rephrasing the sentence, or eliminating it, you should choose that option.

It’s better to Look-Up

Authentication is more important than false sentences. Imagine a researcher reading your blog and you have used some made-up facts and figures just to gain the attention of your audience, what will he or she do? They can report your blog or even you, and your blogging journey is over before it had started.

Never use made-up facts and figures to capture the attention. If you are not sure about something, you have the internet, you have Google, just type on the search bar, and you will find your answer within minutes. Even after searching you have no luck, drop the idea of using it, and move on to the next idea.

The SEO Suites

With just a Google spreadsheet and a few free tools, you can undertake SEO keyword analysis, but there’s a lot of data to analyze Ecommerce SEO . It’s also simple to become lost in the analytics when sifting through all the keywords and traffic data. Not all packages are capable of resolving this issue. Some companies overwhelm you with information without providing you with the tools you need to filter through it and fine-tune your content strategy. Other SEO tools split everything down into their proprietary methodology, leaving you with insufficient information to reach your own conclusions, and you’ll have no way of knowing if they’re wrong until your traffic starts to pile up. SEMrush is one SEO tool that strikes the proper balance, so invest in that.

Because there’s always an opportunity for improvement, your initial draught shouldn’t be your final output. Inspect your work for grammatical and spelling problems. There are internet grammar tools that can aid with this, but some problems may go unnoticed. Even after employing internet grammar tools, you have gone through your article for the best material.

People rely on the internet for information that keeps them informed and gives answers to their questions. Content writers must create pieces that provide useful information while also standing out from the competition and be unique!


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