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How To Fix League Of Legends Blockade


League of Legends is an extremely popular multiplayer game that has received millions of downloads. This online game series has been a product of Riot games and is free to play with some selective in-game purchases that are optional.

As we know, multiplayer games tend to come with some connection errors and blockage issues when users or players are unable to log into their accounts or play the game from their devices. Like many users worldwide, is Steam not able to install and recognise the game you want to play? In this article by AMTricks, we dive into the details and troubleshooting options when Steam doesn’t recognize your installed game. It is not rare when this happens, and is fairly rare among LoL Players, but can be incredibly frustrating when you cannot find the source of the problem.

If you are one such user who is confused about fixing connection errors or removing the blockade, this article will be of immense help to you. We have compiled a list of easy fixes that you can use to identify the problem and remove it to resume your gaming. Here are some possible reasons for a blockade and how it might be resolved:-

● Check Your Internet Connection

League of Legends is an online game that requires a stable internet connection to work properly. You don’t necessarily need to have a high bandwidth to play the game, but fluctuations in connection will adversely affect the game, and you will face blockage.

You need to check your internet speed online and see if your connection is stable enough to play the game. Try to restart your router and see if you can establish a stable connection. If the problem is a recurring one, consider upgrading your internet pack. Many users also recommend using a wired internet connection or LAN instead of a wireless network for better operation.

● Firewall Blockage

Firewalls are present in your device to protect you from outside attacks or hackers who can steal your information. Sometimes the problem might lie in the firewall, which is not allowing you to access League of Legends because it considers the game a security threat.

Now, League of Legends has already contacted many popular firewall manufacturers to make the game an exception. Still, sometimes due to delayed updates or third-party firewalls, you will encounter problems. Make sure your firewall is updated properly, and try to get rid of third-party firewalls to limit access to the game.

You can also manually exclude League of Legends from your firewall by changing the settings. Disabling the firewall is an option, but it’s not recommended.

● LOL Server Problems

A common reason you cannot connect or reconnect to League of Legends is that your server is down and needs to be fixed. If you are unsure about this, you can check the server status online to see if the server you use is facing recent issues.

Don’t worry if you find that the server error is the root of the problem. Many users likely are facing this issue, and it will be resolved soon. You will also find updates about server problems on the League of Nations or Riot Games’ social media handles.

● Change The DNS

You might need to reconfigure your Domain Name System because the League of Legends launcher uses server aliases to establish a connection. This means that sometimes it will not be able to connect to some Internet Service Providers’ default DNS resolver. If this is the case, you will also see issues when downloading a patch, as well as not being able to access the game.

In this case, changing to a public DNS server will be beneficial. You will be able to do this from your network settings. The detailed method of configuring your DNS will is available online, and you can look them up if you are unsure.

● Avoid Using VPN or Proxy

Many players have a VPN installed on their devices and use it to access League of Legends online. This can cause several connection problems, and even League of Legends doesn’t recommend using third-party VPN apps on your devices. You can disable them when you play the game. The best method would be to just uninstall the VPN app to solve the issue once and for all.

● Don’t Use A Restricted Network.

Sometimes, you won’t open or play League of Legends because of a restricted network. A restricted network will not allow you to access the game, and to solve this problem, you will need to change the network settings or talk to your internet service provider.

● System Updates

If you are a Mac user, delayed system updates may cause connection issues and blockade while accessing League of Legends. Make sure you have cleared all pending system updates to ensure that you don’t find blockages. Any bugs or less will also likely disappear after the system update. Here is a LoL error code list. Feel free to visit this website and find out what type of error your device displays. 

These are some easy fixes that will help you fix any blockade issue in League of Legends. Make sure you always start by checking your internet connection and the League of Legends server, as they tend to be the most reasons you are unable to play or access the game.



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