The importance of Digital Marketing

The importance of Digital Marketing

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With the rise of the internet, there is also high growth of digital marketing known as ‘internet marketing’. Digital marketing is also known as ‘online marketing’, ‘web marketing‘ or ‘internet marketing’. The term ‘Digital marketing‘ was first coined in the 1990s. Marketing is no exception since the world is shifting from analog to digital. As technology development is increasing, the use of digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing is also increasing.

Marketers can sell their products or services 24 hours and 365 days, lower cost, efficiency gain in order to motivate the customer for more purchases and improve customer services, that is the major advantage of digital marketing.

In addition to its excessive degree of connectivity and generally being completed to sell services or products in a timely, relevant, non-public, and cost-powerful manner helping many-to-many communications.

Marketing refers to the steps that the company takes to boost the buying of any products or services. The company seeks customers for their products or services via the help of marketing.

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of any product or service in digital form. Using interactive technologies like emails, websites, online forums and newsgroups, interactive television, mobile communications and digital marketing links consumers with sellers electronically.

In 2005, there were around 1.1 billion internet users which consisted of 16.6 percent of the population at that time. In 2020, the number of internet users is around 4.8 billion and the percentage population has increased to 62 percent.

There is a direct connection between digital marketing and the internet. Countries like India and China have the highest number of internet users so they have a great opportunity.

Various channels of digital marketing:

Various channels of digital marketing

●       Social Media

●       Email Marketing

●       Affiliate Marketing

●       Search Engine Marketing

●       Online Display Advertising

Figure displays over 200 social media platforms. Below is the list of important social media platforms:

1)   Facebook: It is the number one social media platform where a company can promote their product and services.

2)   LinkedIn:  Professionals write their profiles on LinkedIn and can share with others. The company also builds their profile and connects these two dots companies and professionals.

3)   Twitter:  Its strategy is to increase brand awareness and sales, attract new followers, lead and boost conversions.

4)   Pinterest: It is a social media platform in which visual content is available and the user can share or store with others.

Importance of digital marketing

Every marketer should follow what is written below based on the above discussion summary of the importance of digital marketing.

  • Internet marketing is endlessly more balanced than any offline marketing techniques. It can reach a wider audience easily.
  • Digital marketing is moderate, targetable, and quantifiable; thus organizations do it and advertisers love it.
  • In digital marketing results can be followed and monitored easily with the help of various tracking software rather than leading costly client research. Organizations can rapidly see client reaction rates and measure the achievement of their promoting effort continuously, empowering them to design all the more adequately for the following one.
  • It helps in advancing a business through the online medium like web or portable subsequently arriving at a large number of clients in a second.
  • Collecting feedback from customers is way easier compared to traditional marketing mediums such as TV, radio, or billboard. Using a website in online marketing which helps businesses to redesign themselves in their specific domain, they can easily give feedback on any product.
  • Digit advertisers screen things like what is being seen, how frequently and for how long, what substance works and doesn’t work, and so forth.

Comparison between traditional and digital marketing

Traditional marketing is the most recognizable form of marketing. Most people are used to traditional marketing due to its longevity. Some examples of traditional marketing include tangible items like ads in a newspaper or magazine. It also includes a billboard, brochure, commercial on TV or radio, poster, etc. It is a non-digital way of marketing. Whereas digital marketing uses various digital channels to reach customers. Some comparisons are given below:

Traditional Marketing  

 Digital Marketing

Examples of traditional marketing include a poster, brochure, magazine, newspaper, broadcast, telephone.Examples of digital marketing include a website, social media platforms, affiliate marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization.
With a traditional marketing approach, only limited or local customer can be targetedWith a digital marketing approach customer around the world can be targeted
Advertising campaigns take a long period to plan.Advertising campaigns take a short period to plan.





It is costly and time-consuming.

Relatively cheap and faster.



A physical relationship is shaped while conveying merchandise.No physical relationship is formed due to the digital nature of digital marketing.
One campaign stays for a long time and change is expensive.A campaign can be changed very easily.
For the promotion of product posters, paper, and billboards, various types of material are used.No physical stuff is required because digital marketing is done on websites, social media platforms, or through online videos.
Due to the physical nature of traditional marketing, its cost is high.Digital marketing is cheaper compared to traditional marketing because it is done on websites and social media.
For market analysis traditional marketing depends on surveys or experimentation, it is complex to analyze the result and does not provide accurate data .Facts and data available on various analytic tools make it very convenient to analyze the data and to interpret it.
24/7 marketing is not possible.24/7 marketing all around the globe is possible.
Only one-way communication can happen.Two-way communication can happen.
No capacity to go viral.Capacity to go viral.
Customers can give feedback only during the working time.Customers can give feedback any time.


1. Cost-efficient:

You can simply plan an effective digital marketing strategy within your financial plan by the use of digital marketing that offers an inexpensive technique in comparison to other advertising channels such as radio, TV and more. A well-organized and well-managed digital marketing campaign can reach huge spectators at a poorer cost than the old-style marketing methods.

3. Enhanced exposure:

Reach frequent forecasts by switching to a digital marketing campaign within a small investment. Be where your spectators are looking for you. You will notice long term outcomes by using digital marketing.

3. Save Time:

Digital marketing brings real time outcomes within no time. Time is valued for all of us, so why waste even a nanosecond. Digital marketing offers you a chance to see the number of guests to your site, what is the version rate, what is the top transaction time, how many subscribers have you added in a day and more.

4. Social currency:

Online marketing provides you a chance to produce engaging campaigns using diverse kinds of media..

5. Brand Building:

Brand building is enhancing brand equity using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies.


  • Online advertising works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Advertisement can spread a very large number of possible consumers globally.
  • Web dominance over other advertising mediums.
  • Web pages can be updated any time and changes or corrections are effortless.
  • Specific interest groups or individuals can be targeted in online advertisements. Those advertisements can efficiently use the convergence of text, audio, graphics, and animation.


  1. Accomplish complex customer relations crossways a diversity of channels – both digital and traditional.
  2. Reply to and pledge dynamic consumer communications.
  3. Excerpt worth from big data to make better decisions faster.


The role of digital marketing plays a vital role in business growth for the fact that it has less time and less amount of advertising throughout the world. And also if any changes occurred in the product we have to change easily and it creates more awareness rather than traditional marketing. Therefore, it plays a major part in product awareness (i.e. especially in new product introducing).


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