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Program Your First Online Multiplayer Game


First Online Multiplayer Game

Before we begin!

Before you jump and begin developing python user network games, you should know what Python is and what it offers?

Python is one of the top-grossing programming languages and diffusing rapidly universally. In truth, python app developers recognize the value of Python because of its simplicity and comprehensive coding. And it’s flexible too. Numerous beginners prefer programming language since it’s easy and more understandable, unlike other programming languages. Not to mention, it’s intuitive and offers almost an English-like coding environment.

Besides, Python has standings in myriad grounds: web development, app or game development, and data analysis. Although it offers game development tools and libraries, most new programmers consider Python a no-go area for mobile game development, which is, by the way, one of the major misconceptions about Python. However, various tools and libraries in Python help you build mobile apps and mobile games just fine. Not just that, it also lets you develop both iOS and Android cross-platform apps and Cost to make an app can vary, considering how much of features you want to engrain in the mobile game apps. To adjust the cost and get what you want – get support from custom mobile game development companies today.

I’m not making too much of Python, but Python holds almost anything. And you’ll come to know of it once you become a thriving pythoneer. PS: pythoneer means expert in python programming.

Tools And Libraries in Python that Help You Build Outstanding Games


Pygame is a fantastic tool to build awesome games in Python. It gets used widely. Includes a set of beneficial python modules that help you design awesome games. Besides, Pygame is made using C, Python, and OpenGL. This library enables you to build featured-packed games, and you won’t miss out on any features you desire in games. Moreover, it’s a cross-platform library that allows its apps to run on multiple mobile platforms like Android and iOS operating systems. Use this library when you have a pretty good grasp of Python itself.

The features include:

  • Appropriate to build client-side apps
  • Uses multicore CPUs to quicken the development process
  • Cross-platform library


Using Kivy, you can build ground-breaking mobile apps and games, along with tremendous user interfaces. A cross-platform library like Pygame helps run apps on many operating systems. Additionally, Kivy proposes several guides for beginners to learn quickly. Kivy’s graphic engine is built using OpenGL. It has various extendable widgets that further help in making tranquil user interfaces. It’s Completely free to use. Also, Kivy’s libraries are written in C programming language using CPython; Not all libraries but most of it.

The features include:

  • Cross-platform library.
  • Easily convertible projects from Python to Android package.
  • Helps build multi-touch apps.


Many pythoneers use BeeWare. It helps build apps for almost every platform, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and many more. You’ll find it’s the Home Page, “Write once, Deploy everywhere.” Consider its slogan you can write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms simultaneously. Isn’t that amazing?

Keep in mind that BeeWare provides you with fantastic building tools that are highly compatible and many other features for the coder to dive into a tranquil development environment. Check out the BeeWare website and access simple learning tutorials free of cost.

The features include:

  • Single codebase, multiple apps.
  • An open-source platform, letting you use and alter.
  • Ease to use and learn.


It’s also a broadly used python tool for game development and other visual apps. Pyglet is significantly easy to use and learn as well. Besides, you use this library on multiple platforms—some important libraries of Pyglet, namely event handling, joysticks, OpenGL, and adding sounds and music. With Pyglet, you can build visually rich apps instantly.

The features include:

  • A cross-platform library.
  • No external installation.
  • Offer built-in support for audio and images.

Other Python Tools and Library

All the tools mentioned above and libraries are for warm-up. Not to say, there are many other Python libraries and tools that you should know about. The following libraries and tools widely used for building python games do check them out online:

  • Arcade
  • Panda3D
  • PyOpenGL
  • PyKyra
  • Cocos2d
  • Qpython

How to build a Multiple User Network Game in Python?

Building a game is not as easy it may seem. It requires tons of planning before its actual development process. So before we begin, let’s discuss the network programming concepts you can use to create network games and apps.

  1. Client/server sockets.
  2. A server listens and accepts the client’s connection requests.
  3. Clients connect and send messages through the server.
  4. The server receives and forwards clients’ messages.

These network programming concepts are essential for building online python games, although we will not discuss them in detail. Therefore, you need to study them on your own.

However, building a python game is easy when you are an intermediate level of pythoneer. And you should know all the python tools and libraries used for building games before you begin to build python games. The first step involves creating the game logic; if this, then that, if not this, then this, something like that. So let’s head to it.

Game rule

Let’s put our minds on designing a rock-paper-scissors game rule. It’s a fun game that usually involves two people. So its initial design includes two players, and later you’ll embed more features that support many players.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!


In the beginning, define the game logic and rules, which I assume you already know this part. Let’s discuss it in any way to jog your memory. , the rules involve; rock defeats scissors, scissors defeats paper, and paper defeats rock. Let’s see the Pseudo version of the coding part:

Define the primary function as parameters set you and your opponent;

Maingame(you, rival)

After this, define the main variables that you are going to use;

The winner is equal to empty string since you can’t decide the winner before the game, so it’s better to leave it empty for future use; winner = “ “

Then the rest:

Rock = “rock”

Paper = “paper”

Scissors = “scissors”

Player1 = “you”

Player2 = “rival”

After defining the necessary variable, now define some conditions;

If you = rival then winner = “draw”

Else if you = rock if rival = paper then winner = Player2 else winner = Player1

Else if you = scissors if rival = rock then winner = Player2 else winner = Player1

Our last condition, else if you = paper if rival = scissors then winner = Player2 else winner = Player 1

You are done!

Moreover, these are the conditions the primary conditions and methods that keep you going. After this, let’s move to the game client app.


Game Client App

The second part, to develop an app that allows two players to connect to the game server and play. You have to design two separate windows for the two players to play separately the same game. Keep in mind, to put a “start” button and make sure to code it that both hits start then the game should be started, not just start the game on only one player hit start; both should be ready.

Besides, design rock, paper, and scissor options for the players to choose from. Whoever wins it should display the winner, and whoever loses displays ‘you lost.’

Game Server App

The server app plays an important role here by handling game client’s connection and further forwarding messages to clients. In the server app, you accept clients’ requests and start a new communication thread to manage the process effectively. Not to mention the server-side can do many managements stuff of the game. In other words, it’s the back of the game that provides necessary facilities for both players or any number of players to play without any issue.

Game over

All those python tools and libraries can help you build breath-taking apps and games. Therefore, don’t miss out and get started now.

Hopefully, this blog gives a slight idea of making a game in Python. Besides, game development in Python is comparatively easy once you master all the essential python games libraries. I should remind you that each application or game, especially online apps, contains a server-side and a client point of view; both are significantly important to implement exceptionally. Also, logic is the most fundamental part of any game. After logic, everything is common sense.

If you plan to develop a python app, get support from the best app development company today because the best ones know how to build the best ones.

Author Bio:

Hamza Iqbal Digital Content Producer for the software development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.


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