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8 Unique Ideas For Designing Your Engagement Ring


There’s one common thing between diamonds and love stories. Each of them is unique. Every diamond has its own special characteristics, and every love story has its distinctive charm.

And when engagement rings are such a precious token of your love, why go for a generic design?

When you design your engagement ring, you add an enriching personal touch to it, just like the unique relationship you share with your partner. Thoughtful details and design concepts can create an engagement ring that goes beyond being a token of love. It shows your adoration, respect, and value for the person in your life.

There are endless style concepts and designs to play with when it comes to crafting perfect custom engagement rings online for the special person. And sometimes it might become overwhelming!

Not to worry! We’re here to help you out.

In this article, we’ll present 8 unique ideas to help you design your own engagement ring.

Engrave A Message

The best and one of the most subtle ways to add a touch of personalization. Transform your engagement ring into a precious token of love by adding a hand-written message or symbols that convey a particular message known only to you and your partner.

You can even add finely detailed grooves of both of your thumbprints on the inside surface of the metal band.

Hidden Accents

Hidden accents are carefully nestled on the inner surface of the metal band or underneath the diamond setting of the ring.

These obscured stones can sometimes be viewed from up above at a particular angle. Usually, in custom engagement rings online, the hidden stone is meant to be seen solely by your partner instead of the viewer. Thus the design emanates a unique personal touch.

You can use your partner’s birthstone or any precious or semi-precious gemstones that suit your partner’s personality or have a special meaning for both of you. It can be a single hidden stone or a multi-set stone. The choice is yours.

Bezel Set Diamond Rings

Prong settings have dominated as a prominent engagement ring design for many centuries. While prong-set diamonds still continue to be a classic beauty, bezel set diamonds are becoming equally popular.

The sophisticated appeal coupled with a secured design is stealing the heart of many wedding fashion experts, influencers, and celebrities.

If you’re wondering what’s bezel setting is- the central diamond and/or the secondary diamonds are entirely surrounded by precious metal rather than being held by prongs.

The perfectly smooth and seamless edge created by the metal casing gives your ring a clean contemporary appeal and sleek illustration. The best part? It secures the diamond efficiently, which is of utmost importance with your hectic daily schedule and modern lifestyle.

You can design your engagement ring with a bezel halo, bezel solitaire, or bezel eternity/semi-eternity setting on the metal band.

For an absolute unique detailing, you can combine a bezel setting with a hidden stone.

Exquisite Coloured Diamonds

The iconic and popular engagement ring designs mostly feature colorless diamonds. However, if you have a flexible budget and want to make your engagement ring as unique as possible, consider the upcoming hottest trend in the engagement ring realm- colored diamonds.

Anomalies combined with special atmospheric characteristics led to the formation of exquisite fancy-colored diamonds. For instance, blue diamonds are usually created when trace amounts of boron get intertwined in the diamond lattice under extreme pressure and depths (primarily formed in the earth’s mantle).

Similarly, yellow diamonds and sometimes orange diamonds get created in nature from excessive nitrogen get trapped in the diamond’s atomic structure during the crystallization process.

While pink diamonds and red hues are formed not because of any unusual foreign element but due to excess heat and pressure altering the diamond lattice. Pink hues are extremely rare.

Gray, purple, green, black are other exquisite fancy color diamonds.

The unique backstories and the mesmerizing designs make these color diamonds truly unique.

Due to their rare nature, these diamonds generally cost more than white ones. You can either go for a colored solitaire or get small colored diamonds embedded with white diamonds on the band or halo surrounding the center stone.

However, you shouldn’t break your bank trying to purchase the most expensive rare diamonds. We have a better option if you don’t want to make your engagement ring too extravagant or stretch your budget. Keep reading!

Colored Gemstones

Sometimes colored diamonds can become exorbitantly expensive and add to an unnecessary expense. The best alternatives? Precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Aren’t sure if colored gemstones will make your ring as extraordinary as fancy colored diamonds? Let us remind you even Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring featured a central sapphire stone.

Awaken your creative soul and design your own engagement ring with colored gemstones, including pink sapphire, royal blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, and so much more.

There are endless opportunities and creatives to play with. Add a twist to the traditional engagement rings and craft out the unique design of your dreams.

Play With The Precious Metals

Gone are the days when engagement rings featured only one metal. In the era of customization and personalization, you can design your engagement ring with more than one metal.

You can go for subtle detailing with a bi-metal setting. Or you can create a glam statement and add a charter to your ring by creating a twisted shank design with one metal and the rest of the band with another one.

If your partner loves vintage design, playing with different metals to create intricate band designs is a brilliant choice. This brings us to our next design innovation…

Intricate Metalwork And Twisted Shank

Who says you can play only with stones to create a unique design? Contemporary designs feature immaculate and remarkable metal band patterns that’ll surely steal your partner’s heart.

Metal shanks can be designed with various creative ideas such as leaves, flowers, scrollwork, etc. Even a twisted metal shank can add a special appeal to your engagement ring.

Want to make it more unique? Add your partner’s favorite flowers, a pattern that has a specific meaning to both of you or your family crest.

Even your entire metal band can have intricate metalwork!

These minute details will remind you and your partner of small unique things that are precious for your relationship.

Distinct Diamond Shapes

The brilliant round round-cut might be the classic queen for engagement rings. But other distinct cuts can give your engagement ring the one-of-kind appeal that you’ve been looking for. Cuts like Asscher, Emerald, rectangle, Marquise, pear, etc., can impart a remarkably unique appeal to your ring.

In fact, baguette patterns for engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular for their sophisticated flair with a punch of glamour.

Use our guide to create the ring of your dreams and pop the precious question in the most unique demeanor.


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