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5 Easiest DIY Techniques To Unclog Your Drain On Your Own


Techniques To Unclog Your Drain On Your Own

Just imagine that your kitchen sink isn’t draining and you have a bundle of dirty dishes lined up to get cleaned. Even imagining such a scenario is giving panic right? Probably the first thing that you will do to tackle such a situation is pick up your phone and call the drain repair team in Ladera Ranch CA. However, what if that isn’t the need of such an hour at all and there are ways to clear the drain on your own with some simple DIY methods?

Yes, simple easy ways to unclog your drain without any special tool and with just a bit of common sense. If my proposal has captivated you then the list is below.

Boiled Water

The easiest and least expensive trick of them all that together which I suggest is also the best one to try first as well. Thankless Water Heater Installation Laguna Beach CA All you have to do is boil water in a pot or kettle and while that is happening, you have to remove the standing water from kitchen sink with another small pot or mug. Once boiled, pour water down the sink and wait for the clog to move. If in case, the clog doesn’t move, let the water cool down and remove the water again.

You will have to try out the process a couple of times but I can assure that by doing so, you will be able to unclog your sink in no time.

Garbage Disposal

More often than not, the improper disposal of garbage creates all the problem. A clogged disposal blocks the drain and checking up on that may solve the issue for you. Furthermore, if the disposal has overheated, then you can also try flipping the switch near the sink for a more effective result.

Salt And Boiling Water

After you remove the standing water from the sink with a pot, pour half cup table salt down the drain and then flush the drain with hot water to clear the ways.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Following up on our third trick, pour baking soda in the drain along with an equal amount of white or apple cider vinegar. This will create a bubble-like solution first and then you have to put the stopper on for 15 minutes upon subsiding. The next and final step is to pour down hot water to see if the clog gets cleared. This too will take a number of attempts.


Sometimes the only thing you need is to clear your kitchen drain’s P-trap to clear your sink. This is usually located near the curve of the drainpipe in the sink and mostly inside a cabinet. Water Damage Removal Company Laguna Beach CA You have to place a pan underneath the drain to spot any leakage of water or dirt coming out. Then unfasten the P-trap, clear out anything and run water through it.

Experts are mostly required when one requires repair water leak service in Ladera Ranch CA as that involves a lot of complications. However, to clear your drain, I bet you only need you or the tips above.


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