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HR Software Companies such as HROne Witness Huge Growth in Bangalore!


With several unprecedented changes after the pandemic, the corporate world was forced to make a host of amendments in the way they work and operate. As a result, employers across India faced significant hurdles to manage their remote workforce. To continue operations, companies left their outdated tools behind and shifted to new ways of working. Adopting technology such as HROne eventually became one of the keys to remaining efficient and staying ahead of the curve.

Every state in India witnessed more and more implementation of HR solutions like never before. One such state is Bangalore. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners in Bangalore were convinced to embrace automation instead of juggling with paperwork.

Let’s dive into the blog and learn how HR software is playing a big role in Bangalore.

Without a doubt, the importance of HR solutions was felt now in 2021. The post-pandemic period, popularly known as the new normal, has convinced businesses in Bangalore to go digital. Need to mention, this technology adoption is not limited to multinational companies or large IT firms. Popular HR software companies like HROne cloud are even aiding startups and small businesses to embrace the digital space. Not to forget, several studies have shown that companies are now more self-dependent with the help of HR software.

Most importantly, no workplace in Bangalore is now static. This is certainly due to the cloud-based tools/systems. That means, businesses are no longer restricted to a specific space and working individuals can work from anywhere they want via the internet. Businesses have adopted at least one form of HR solution. As discussed earlier, the remote working model has compelled organizations to upgrade to automated HR systems.

All that said, there is no denying that HR software in Bangalore has redefined existing operations by making them more efficient as well as data-driven. Such systems not just take the HRM burden off HR professionals’ shoulders but also streamline and optimize every time-consuming, tedious task in just a matter of seconds.

Now that you know the exact role of HR software in Bangalore, let’s move forward and know the reasons why organizations are attracted to such systems.

Top Five Benefits

These five benefits offered by HR systems have forced many companies in Bangalore to implement such systems:

Improved Workforce Productivity

As we mentioned earlier, maintaining/improving efficiency levels of the workforce is one of the biggest challenges in the current pandemic period. Expenses are at an all-time high, working individuals are working remotely, and the limited collaboration between managers and their teams is causing employee disengagement. This is when HR software comes into the picture. Following features aids in tracking employee performance and improving engagement but also maximizing their work productivity.

  1. Chatbots and video-conferencing tools for robust communication
  2. Employee Engagement Tools such as Badges, Rewards, etc.
  3. Surveys and polls for gauging the pulse of employees

Using the aforementioned features and many more companies in Bangalore significantly improved the overall efficiency of their remote workforce.

Hiring The Right People for The Right Job

Not many know that HR solutions also act as a ‘talent scientist’ as they play a vital role in addressing the talent war. Unlike traditional systems/methods, automated HR solutions cut down the chances of bad hires as well as non-valued-added activities of HR departments. Take a look at some exceptional features offered by one of the best HR software companies, HROne:

  • Job Opening for posting job openings in a specific and simpler way
  • Recruitment Assignment to delegate work fairly
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Auto-generate offer letters and other documents 

Using all these features, companies in Bangalore are now able to authenticate the candidate’s profile faster. HR systems are helping companies to validate every candidate’s job fitment depending upon the relevant experience, competencies, and interests. HR management software thus facilitates faster sourcing, onboarding, and better hiring conversion.

Real-Time Communication for Enhanced Employee Experience

Offering a comprehensive employee experience through virtual reality is the future of human resources. Virtual interactions such as video conferencing help in real-time communication among employees and their leaders. A robust virtual communication system can keep employees happy and engaged even while working remotely. Now, HR software in India offers an open as well as an automated work culture that eventually improves employee experience. This is one of the major reasons why businesses in Bangalore shifted to automated HR solutions. Since such systems come with chatbots and several video-conferencing tools, companies are now able to promote robust communication among their employees. So, it is high time for every company out there to digitize its HRM models to give a better employee experience and reap higher work productivity in the long run.

Ensured Compliance

Human errors and non-compliance issues are two things that usually cost a considerable amount of money to businesses. But, avoiding them became a challenge for HR managers during the lockdown. Amid managing a lot of other tasks, they often missed out on important legal updates. There are huge benefits of hr systems,  this is yet another reason that attracted Bangalore-based companies to HR systems. Top-notch HR systems not just ensure 100% compliance but also send notifications/alerts to HRs every time a new law is introduced/amended. This helps HRs, employers to be tension-free about those hefty fines, penalties, and legal suits during this crisis time.

Empowered Workforce

It is no news that mental health was the most affected factor during the lockdown. Every employee who was quarantined in his/her home developed a fear for job security, COVID-19 infection, etc at one or another point. On top of this, they were unable to reach out to their HR departments and managers to ask questions or get things done. HR professionals, on the other hand, were also exhausted by answering hundreds of calls/emails in a day. This concern forced businesses operating in Bangalore to move to HR management software. Such systems offered employee self-service that allowed employees to perform several tasks without having to disturb their HR managers. In just a few clicks, they were able to download their salary slips, edit their personal information, and much more.

The Way Forward

After the initial stage of transformation to the WFH model, questions related to efficiency started to plague companies across India. Not just Bangalore, almost every state in our country has found its answer in technology. Fast forward to 2021, businesses are now doing what they can to invest in automated HR solutions that can make them resilient to face any future mishaps.

But, this digital change has raised another big question- With technology moving faster, is there a pressing requirement to evolve skillsets within companies at an equal pace? The answer is YES. Every business owner should prioritize upskilling or reskilling their employees and develop them according to the present market needs. This is the time when employers should encourage their workforces to invest in acquiring skills that can ensure their growth today and in the coming years.


Bangalore-based businesses have set an example in front of others. That being said, business owners across India should make peace with the fact that digitization is the key to success in the journey ahead. By investing in one of the top-notch HR software in India, companies can easily lead their employees to the path of growth. Relying on HR systems will pave the way to fitting recruitment, enhanced employee productivity, effective communication, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Consider a digital transition at the earliest possible.

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