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Facebook vs. Instagram – what is the best for your business?


If your business is not on social media, it doesn’t exist.

Like it or not, social media have become a common place for social interaction, just like bars, workplaces, and gyms. The full of 4.62 billion people – the equivalent of 93.4% of Internet-connected people – will use social media platforms in 2022. Noteworthy, they don’t do it just to stay in touch with family and friends. 76% of Internet users access social media for product research. So, your fantastic interactive website means almost nothing if you don’t have a profile on any social media. Perhaps no one will find it.

Entrepreneurs often ask Google: what is the best social media platform for business? Since time and resources are limited, choosing the best channel is crucial to a successful marketing strategy. If you have also asked yourself this question, let me introduce you to two of the most prominent players – Facebook and Instagram. This article will tell you which one is the best for your company.

Facebook Benefits

A greater number of users

Every platform user is your potential customer. So, all social media networks boast about their users’ numbers. This statistic is relevant not only to their own business but also to potential advertisers. It matters to brand owners as well. 

Facebook is now the giant – it’s the leading social media platform. The number of Facebook users is 2.89 billion monthly. In comparison, Instagram’s MAUs reach 2.1 billion users. So, you can reach out to billions of potential clients on both platforms. However, Facebook increases opportunities.

Senior audience

Boomers, Gen Z, or Millennials – who is on your target list? 

Every platform attracts another generation. For example, you may find more Gen Z than Boomers on TikTok. TikTok appeals to digital-native people and seems overwhelming for older ones. In the same vein, Facebook appears to be more attractive to seniors. According to stats, it has the broadest senior audience among other social media platforms. Studies have shown that 21.8% of Facebook users are over 45, while 14% of Instagram users are in that age bracket.

So, Facebook is the perfect platform for all Boomers-centered businesses.

Lower Advertising Costs

Nod, if you agree – it’s worth getting new clients, but not at all costs. The budget you have for advertising is an as crucial element as market research. So, it also matters how profitable it will be to spend money on particular campaigns and how to find the most cost-effective platform.

The Cost Per Click metric comes in handy here. Cost Per Click calculates how much you spend for each click on your ad, so how much you paid for each potential customer. The results vary between platforms. Regarding Facebook and Instagram, the first one is the winner, with Instagram costing twice as much as Facebook ads.

There is no doubt that Facebook is a more budget-friendly option.

Lower Advertising Costs

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Higher Ads ROI

Let me introduce CTR, another metric that indicates your ad ROI.

The average click-through rate says how many people clicked on the link among all those exposed to it. Indeed, no matter how many people saw your advertisement if none found it attractive enough to visit your website, right? Therefore, CTR is an excellent indicator of your campaign effectiveness.  

So, how does it look on the leading social media websites?

Social Insider discovered that Facebook ads have, on average, a CTR of 3.06%, while on Instagram, it is only 0.68%. It seems that Instagram users more often just follow brand accounts than click on external links to visit companies’ websites.

Higher Ads ROI

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Instagram Impact

Businesses-centered audience

Social media platforms were not intended for advertising purposes. Their main goal was to connect with friends and family despite the long distance. So, picking users’ attention and interesting them in business sites is challenging. It’s especially true for Facebook users since most of the content they see (54.4%) comes from friends and people they follow.

With Instagram, it’s a slightly different story. According to the latest study, 92% of Americans who use Instagram follow a business. Also, most of them follow 6–10 accounts from companies. 

Who knows, maybe Instagram users view brands as friends?

Businesses-centered audience

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Shoppers prefer Instagram over competitors

OK, sometimes exposure means little to nothing. What actually matters is not how many people follow your brand but how many deals you got thanks to it. In other words, it’s essential to attract visitors with shopping intentions. I’m not sorry to say it – business is business.

Here comes the good news for all brands that run Instagram accounts. As much as 71% of users will pick Instagram over other social networking sites when shopping. For Gen Zers, it grows to 82%!

Instagram beats competitors with this result.

A sense of connection

“Familiar” sounds “better.” Having a choice, we bet on what we have already known because it’s a less risky decision. This effect is intensified by the positive emotions that arise if we feel connected. It’s the reason why brands focus on building relationships with customers.

To increase engagement and attract potential customers, businesses often use Instagram giveaways, which have become a popular trend. By creating contests, brands can promote their products, increase their follower count, and generate more buzz. Instagram giveaways can be in the form of offering discounts or free products, asking users to tag friends, or using a specific hashtag to enter. These types of giveaways can increase brand awareness and user engagement, and can also provide valuable user-generated content that businesses can use in their marketing strategies.”

Brand explorers’ platform

Have you ever scrolled Instagram to find a gift for your friend? Or to explore small clothing brands? 

You’re not alone. Full of 85% of US Instagramers use this platform to discover new products or services. But it’s not all! Instagram buyers don’t purchase only the products they are looking for. Asking if Instagram ever inspired you to shop from businesses even when you weren’t looking to do so, 79% of respondents said “Yes.” 

In other words, Instagram encourages people to shop despite their intentions. Some will call it growing consumerism, but on the other hand, it’s an excellent opportunity for brands.

Facebook vs. Instagram – which one is the best?

Since Facebook has more users and more revenue from ads, it doesn’t mean it’s more effective. Based on Instagram stats, a smaller Instagram audience is more willing to search for products on social media, explore brands and make purchases. 

Of course, it all depends on your business type. However, if you want to connect with customers, you should consider Instagram.

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