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How To Maximize Your Truck: What Is a Performance Chip?


If you are a pickup driver looking for a way to increase your vehicle’s horsepower, there is a good chance you’ve come across the term “performance chip.” But what is a performance chip? In this article, we will explore what these amazing devices are and how they can improve your truck.

What They Are

If you are asking yourself, “What is a performance chip?” you have come to the right place. Trucks sold on the market today include computerized engines that operate on several chips. These performance chips are essentially programmed extensions to the truck’s engine that tell the machine how it should respond under different stimuli. The chip takes information to the vehicle’s computer to control its actions. People who wish to improve an engine’s horsepower can purchase performance chips.

How They Work

Also known as a Super Chip, people install performance chips into vehicles so they can produce more torque and horsepower. When you purchase a truck or another vehicle, it already comes with chips to ensure CO2 compliance and increase gas mileage. These chips not only make the vehicle more drivable and efficient, but they also limit its horsepower.

Performance chips override the manufacturer’s settings so your truck can have more torque and power. By learning how to install a performance chip, you will change the engine’s initial setting. The chip will make variations to its programmed parameters, such as the ignition timing, fuel cut, and the fuel mixture in your engine. Results may differ depending on the quality of the chip you buy.

Why Don’t Trucks Come With These in the First Place?

Truck manufacturers want their vehicles to be sold in as many markets as possible. As a result, they only make a few engine designs that are applied to a wide array of platforms and models. This allows them to sell to more markets, but it limits their appeal to specialty drivers who have a need for speed. With power programming, drivers can optimize their vehicles as they see fit.


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