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5 Tech Features People Look for When Car Shopping


Nowadays, buying a car goes beyond just looking for a vehicle with wheels and an engine. Many consumers are looking for additional tech features when car shopping—they want a modern vehicle that can do it all. Car technology developments have brought to fruition an array of car enhancements that elevate the driving experience. Explore five popular tech features people want in their cars and discover what kind of vehicles are more likely to sell.

Safety Features

Safety is essential when buying a car. Enhanced car safety is one of the many ways LiDAR sensors transform the automotive industry, offering real-time surrounding detection and data collection that many advanced safety tech features use. LiDARs can support many popular safety upgrades people want in their cars, including automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot detection. These features assist drivers and prevent accidents, providing a sense of security to the vehicle’s occupants.

Digital Connectivity

In today’s digital age, staying connected is more important than ever. Many car shoppers look for features such as built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming, USB ports for charging devices, and smartphone integration systems like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Digital connectivity makes cars great for long road trips and camping adventures, appealing to many possible car consumers.

Three-Dimensional Mapping

One of the more innovative tech features that’s gaining attention is three-dimensional mapping. This advanced navigation technology provides a detailed and dimensional view of the road, buildings, and surroundings, delivering a more realistic and intuitive driving experience. It can even display the exact location of nearby amenities like gas stations and restaurants, making it highly attractive to tech-savvy car shoppers and those who like visual indicators for easier navigation.

Energy Efficiency

As concerns about the environment and fuel costs rise, many consumers want energy-efficient technology in their new cars. Energy-efficient car technology can include hybrid or electric engines, regenerative braking, and eco-driving modes that optimize fuel consumption. These features reduce emissions, offer greener transportation methods, and offer other attractive benefits, like savings on fuel costs and maintenance regularity.

Autonomous Driving

While fully autonomous cars are still a few years away, semi-autonomous features are already available in some models and are attracting many consumers. Semi-autonomous driving technology like adaptive cruise control, self-parking systems, and traffic jam assist offer lots of appeal as they elevate convenience and safety. Autonomous features will only continue to grow in popularity as the technology advances and opens doors to new driving experiences.

When shopping for a new car, buyers are interested in more than just the traditional aspects like design, performance, and price. They are equally, if not more, interested in the car’s technology. These five listed tech features are some of the most popular attributes people look for when shopping for a car in today’s day and age.


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