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How to Fix The Different Errors While Playing Multiplayer Online Games


Nowadays, we come across a lot of multiplayer online games. Some games stay with us and get connected to our daily lives. Many of them disappear due to bad user experience and many errors while playing them. Now let’s try to fix some common mistakes using while playing multiplayer online games. Always online multiplayer games mostly look like well-maintained systems. They look like they may continue to work perfectly forever. 

But even the most carefully built ones can require some downtime once in a while, which is acceptable. So, errors may occur, but the recovery period or healing should be rapid to better user experience. 

How do we need to know online game servers are down? 

Players will always encounter gaming errors. These errors prevent them from logging into the game until the mistake is rectified. So, if you are running into this kind of error, you can try a few solution methods. But you will first need to cross-check if the servers are down or not. This is to save themself from the trouble of going through multiple troubleshooting steps.

Ways to Check if Multiplayer Online Game Servers Are Down:

  • Navigate to the official help page of that particular game. There you will notice a clear-cut server-status tracking tracker. If that indicates the color red, then the servers are down.
  • One may find other players reporting the server’s bugs. 
  • The server tracker on that game’s official website may be a little slow to pick up server responses. While many players will report if there’s something wrong with the game.
  • There would be a community place in every online multiplayer game. That page can also be a mandatory place to visit to see if other users are reporting similar errors. If yes, many other players are getting the “Not Connecting to Server error.”
  • Some players play games on their consoles. They should check the server status of the PlayStation gaming network and Xbox Live. If PlayStation and Xbox Live goes down, the result will also affect many online games.

Restart Your Router And Gaming Device

Once checked with the servers and there is no problem from the server-side. Still, you could not log into the multiplayer online game. In this case, you should try resetting both the router and gaming device.

This resetting the router will allow one to troubleshoot their home Wi-Fi network. Suppose the internet service provider caused any problems. In that case, resetting the router will assign you a new connection route between the user and the user’s internet service provider, which will make your connection to an online multiplayer game’s servers.

In some rare cases, resetting your multiplayer gaming device at a simultaneous time will lead you to troubleshoot your gaming system. All the errors may still appear due to software bugs in your system. Always trying the two simultaneously will not be time-consuming. Instead, it’s time-efficient & you need to wait one or two minutes before turning on both of them.

Try Out a Different Domain Name System (DNS)

Usually, like gaming servers, even DNS servers can also go down some time which will cause players to have frequent connectivity issues. If that’s the case, one may realize that their internet speed is getting very slow, and one may not load web pages.

Most players use only the default DNS address, which their internet service provider directly assigns. But changing over to a commercial one will allow one to check if their domain name system is acting up or not.

Constantly changing your domain name system can be very simple if you are on a personal computer. It could be a rather tedious process on many other platforms if you had no experience with it.

Submit a Support Ticket

If all the servers are correct and up to mark, you couldn’t fix that error by trying the solutions mentioned above. In this case, your last option will be directly contacting that particular gaming support team. 

Head over to their multiplayer gaming official help page and click on the “Contact Us” or “Write to us” button to submit a ticket.

It’s better to explain all the steps you have encountered during the troubleshooting process in your ticket. You can add correct screenshots/videos for better understanding. The more details you provide, the faster the support team will catch the problem and sort it for you. You will always get a response from the gaming company within 48 hours. It might happen, they may request you to provide more details regarding the same.

Tips For Online Gaming

  1. Better try to take a unique username
  2. Be careful what you share
  3. Think about whom you’re playing with.
  4. Check your privacy settings.
  5. Take frequent breaks.
  6. Watch out for loot boxes and in-app purchases.



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