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How to find the directional derivative at a point for a given vector


Math students often have to deal with multiple concepts, which are much dry and quite tricky. The directional derivative is also one of the trickiest ones that demand student’s attention and focus. The right use of the technique and formula is the main step that helps students to excel from others. IT is a way of dealing with tough numerical and math questions.  An online derivative of vector calculator is specifically functioned to help you in the determination of function gradients and directional derivatives at a given point of a vactor.

How to Find a Directional Derivative?

The instantaneous rate of change of vector is important to be calculated. The multivariate differentiable function can be taken into account to find out the directional derivative. The method to find the directional derivative of the tangent vector is much convenient and easier. You can find out the value of it from the curve without any hassles.  In the case of directive derivative, point v is selected anywhere on the curve. Directional Derivative Calculator works on the given formula:

  • pf(x),
  • fp′(x)

The maximum function calculator is the most significant tool for math students. With the help of directional derivatives, the math students can easily determine the direction of function from the multidimensional aspect. It is indicative of the function change that moves from one point to another through the use of x with velocity. 

It is determined by v. In case of directional derivative, the coordinates of the function remain constant. The value of f(x) can be represented by f(x_1, x_2, x_{n-1}, x-n). However, in the case of a vector the value of v is (v_1, v_2, …, v_n). Hence, the value of function _vf is easy to be calculated through use of 

vf(x) = limf(x+hv) – f(x)/h

The directive derivative calculator uses the above formula for making the calculation of all the directive derivatives. Hence, students can take the assistance of it to get the most accurate answers. They can also take the assistance of this valuable online tool for cross-checking their answers. 

Method to Use Directional Derivative Calculator

Many of the students do not rely on the online calculator as they find it tough to operate. It is not that tough as it seems. The directional derivative calculator is quite easy to use and comes up with certain empty fields. They are entering the right value to help you to get closer to your destination. The math students can get the directive derivative for their homework quite sagaciously. The main steps of calculations are 


The main step for using the directive derivative calculator is to make a selection of the points that you want to utilize for giving direction to the vector. Now, the student has to enter the function in the online calculator. After doing so, enter the values for the vectors and points quite carefully. Recheck the values keenly and then, in order to continue the process of calculation, hit the button to Calculate.


When you successfully accomplish the above-mentioned steps, then the directional derivative calculator will come up with the output. It quickly processes the demand and calculates the gradient through the use of function derivatives that concern each variable.

Example of Directional Derivative

The following example will help much in clearing the concept even more clearer to the math students. Suppose we are having a value of M to be (3,4) while the value of z is 14−x^2−y^2. Now, when it is asked to determine the value of the directional derivative of the function at the point M, then you can do so through this way:

  • Enter the value of the function (x,y)
  • Enter value of U1 and then the value of U2
  • Now, calculate a value for both coordinates x and y and enter the value of x coordinate and y coordinate
  • Hit a calculate button

The directional derivative for the given question would be reflected in direction -4.24. Carry out multiple calculations in the directional derivative calculator and equip yourself with more skills and knowledge. With these few steps, you can make unlimited calculations quite rapidly.

In a Nutshell

Not only students but teachers also can relish using the online calculator. It helps much in the calculation of all the questions of the students with ease. When one focuses much on the calculation of directional derivatives but does not end up with satisfactory or accurate outcomes, then he can view the flaw in his calculation through the use of the online calculator. It offers step by step outcomes so one can grab the concept with ease and can learn more. 

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